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2016 Alumni Basketball Tournament

A Message from retiring coach and teacher, Mike Haugen:

I would like to thank all who participated in the 2016 Alumni Basketball Tournament in honor of Brian Sweeny.

This was the 31st annual tournament and from what I observed, all participants, friends, and families members had a wonderful time competing and reconnecting with their classmates and friends.

Proving that turning 60 years old does not diminish athletic talent, the class of 1973-74 emerged as the “Gold” division champions after defeating the younger teams in their bracket on the way to their title.

After suffering two close defeats to the class of 1997 in the past two championship games, the 1992 & 1994 team were crowned “White” division champions with a victory over the 1997 team.

The class of 2007 survived a “nail-biter” against the 2005-06 team in the semifinal game but earned their 6th straight championship by defeating a stubborn 2000-02 team in the championship.

In the women’s game Friday night, the 1997 women’s team played a team made up of Gonzaga Prep high school girls with Corinna (O’Brien) Kelsey `07 and Gonzaga Prep legend, Annie (Pettigrew) `87. The `97 ladies were not victorious this year but had a great time getting together and urge other lady alumni to join the fun and organize teams to create a women’s bracket next year.

I was my pleasure to address the tournament participants, families and friends on Friday. I was also honored to introduce Abby Groh, a Gonzaga Prep junior who received the Brian Sweeney scholarship this past year. She is an outstanding student, competes in cross country, basketball, and tennis, and is active in several student organizations. Abby truly embodies the high standards Brian set for himself in high school and life.

I always appreciate visiting with my former players, students, and friends. I cherish the relationships, stories, and memories. Thank you all.