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Presidents Reception

On Wednesday, April 27, 2016, we honored some individuals with the Companion Award. These people have been special contributors to the school for many years and we thanked them for their tremendous support.
Please enjoy the following statements about each recipient from President, Al Falkner:
Detective Mosman is a parent of two Prep graduates, Cole ’12 and Drew ’15. He works for the Spokane Police Department, and has been an amazing resource for our school, in particular with and for our deans of students. Peg Haun-McEwen states: “As new Deans, Ben Walker and I found Bob an invaluable resource in our work. He would take our calls, come in and meet with us and guide in the direction we needed to understand when law enforcement issues would arise. Bob, on at least one occasion, took the time to speak with a student who was not making good choices and was able to point out where those choices might lead and the conversation helped that student change directions. Bob has also connected our school with resources and people to help us as we worked to be good neighbors with the Logan neighborhood. In addition, Bob is a great father and volunteered his time and talent with the his son's activities and the Senior All Nighter committee. Bob is the only police officer I have on speed dial in my cell phone and our office has appreciated his availability and willingness to help us serve our students.” 

Kate Coomes has given extraordinary support to the mission of Gonzaga Prep. She currently is serving on the Gonzaga Prep Brand Review Committee that is looking the schools branding and presence in the community. Her two sons are here at Prep - Jack ’16 and Joe ’17. Her husband Tom is a 1981 graduate of the school. Last spring Kate was asked to chair the Financial Aid Luncheon that took place last October. She did an outstanding job, making sure that the message was strong and clear, and that we had a talented group of volunteers to make the event a success. Because of her great leadership and hard work, the event raised over $100,000 for support of Fair Share program. We can’t thank her enough. 

We are blessed to have great companions who often fly under the radar. They support us year in and year out in quiet but extraordinarily meaningful ways: Lowell and Kathleen Ruen are parents of two Prep graduates Amanda from ’06 and Ashley from ’09. Lowell is an attorney and a ’76 graduate of GU. Kathleen has an amazing Prep history. Her father Tom was a 1945 graduate of Gonzaga High School and together with classmates Jack Stockton, Ralph Wohrle, Chuck Tonani and Joe Kilberg, started Gonzaga High School’s first Booster Club. Kathleen has volunteered hundreds of hours of service to our school over the years. Her dad Tom would be very proud of Kathleen and Lowell tonight. They have literally given to every fundraiser we have had in the last ten years from President’s Club to our Chapel to our Great Ignatian Teachers Fund to Buy-A-Seat and Blue and White Balls and the Financial Aid Luncheon. They also support Gonzaga University and the Immaculate Heart Retreat House. Their great and consistent support and investment in the school makes a real difference. 

Another very special couple – Don and Marilyn Jans were honored. Don is a graduate of the Gonzaga High School class of 1952. He graduated from Gonzaga College and has degrees from Harvard and Utah State. Don is a regent at Gonzaga University, an engineer by trade, and a business consultant. Strategic planning is one of his many great strengths. He and Marilyn support many organizations in Spokane, including GU and the Diocese of Spokane. They are members of our Legacy Society, and have responded to so many of our fundraising efforts over at least the past three decades. They helped us bring the Statue of the Three Companions to Prep, they have strongly supported the Fr. Hurley Fund in our Foundation, and have been President’s Club members for many years. They also supported our campaign in the ‘80’s to build the Alumni Gym and the Kubiak Theater. We appreciate their wisdom, advice and friendship. 

Molly and Mark Schemmel: chaired the Blue and White Ball, and helped us raise almost $300,000 in support of Fair Share. Their theme of Kindle The Fire resonated with everyone. Molly has also been involved in almost every aspect of the school as a graduate, parent, chair of the Financial Aid Luncheon, working with the Parent Advisory Committee, and on the Board of Directors. Molly graduated in 1976, and Mark in 1981. They have two graduates from Prep Meghan ’11 and Hailey ’13. Their son Ben will graduate in 2017. What a difference they have made!

Mike Haugen – Since 1987, this man has been an integral part of the fabric of Gonzaga Prep. As an excellent history teacher, he created our AP World History course and has one of the highest passing rates in the area. As a basketball coach, he amassed several GSL championships and tournament trips, but most importantly helped mold the lives of hundreds of his athletes. Mike has also worked with our development staff for many years, and specifically has organized the Brian Sweeny Memorial Alumni Basketball Tournament. He is a man of extraordinary passion and integrity. He has truly been a companion to so many in the Prep community. Next year Mike will be starting a new adventure. He was recently named the principal of Havre HS in Montana, a place where he taught many years ago. He and Denise are truly going home. We will miss him, but are excited for him and his next adventure.