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Destination Imagination Team Wins State

The team is working on raising funds to make the trip to Tennessee. Please follow the link below for more information on who the team is, why this is their passion and how you can help!
VISIT THEIR Fundraising Site
Team members:
Ilina Logani (10th), Catherine Carter (9th), Daniel Bassler (12th), Giulia Smith (9th), and Joel Myers (9th).

"We all attend Gonzaga Preparatory School here in Spokane, Washington. Aside from this, we seem to have nothing in common with each other-- or so we thought, at the beginning of the year. We are in different grades, have different lifestyles, and tend to have opposite personalities and interests. However, we do have one other thing in common, one thing that has brought us together more closely than anything else could have possibly done: We are The Abyss(i), Gonzaga Prep's Destination Imagination team."