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Arrupe and Ignatian Scholars

Arrupe and Ignatian Scholars:

Each year about the top ten percent of the freshman class is invited to apply for the Arrupe Scholar designation. This invitation, for a renewable merit-based scholarship, is only offered to a select number of students based on an applicant’s placement test score, grade point average, and strong academic potential. The student's academic profile is a tribute to the student's family, the student's teachers, and most importantly the student's hard work! Students who have begun their high school careers with this potential and fostered it while at Gonzaga Prep have achieved great academic success.

The limited number of Arrupe Scholars are selected by a committee of administrators and teachers. The selection is based on student test scores, student essay, and the student recommendation. Those applying, but not receiving the Arrupe Scholar designation are awarded the Ignatian Scholar designation.

More information about the Fr. Pedro Arrupe Scholar Award can be found here!
More information about St. Ignatius Scholar Award can be found here!

The 2014-2015 Fr. Pedro Arrupe Recipients are:

First Name                                              Last Name                                          Current School
Athena                                                    Balenzano                                           Trinity Catholic School

Frances                                                  Bertotti Metoyer                                   St Aloysius

Faith                                                       Carlson                                               Holy Family Catholic School

Sophia                                                   De Felice                                             Assumption

Donna                                                    Finger                                                  All Saints

Erin                                                        Jones                                                   St Aloysius

Ilina                                                        Logani                                                 St George's School

Natalie                                                  Schwartzenberger                                St Thomas More

Alec                                                       Walter                                                 St Aloysius

Madelyn                                                 Zorich                                                 St Charles

The 2014-2015 Ignatian Scholars are:

First Name                                            Last Name                                          Current School

William                                                  Bays                                                     St Mary

Chase                                                   Cash                                                  St Thomas More

Jaime                                                   Crain                                                    Holy Family

Madeline                                              DeMarco                                             All Saints

Joel                                                       Dull                                                    Chase Middle School

Blake                                                   Gibson                                                 St Mary

Emma                                                  Hagen                                                 Cataldo

Thomas                                                Halvorson                                          Sacajewea Middle School

Eva                                                      Kennar                                                St Mary

Kailee                                                  Kinney                                                 St Mary

Kathleen                                             McGann                                               All Saints

Bridget                                                Millsap                                                 Libby Center

Olivia                                                  Miranda                                               St Mary

Andie                                                   Schmitz                                             Freeman Middle School

Logan                                                  Schuh                                                   Odyssey

Emmett                                             Simmons                                               Cataldo

Carson                                               Slick                                                   Coeur d'Alene Charter Academy
Brendon                                             Wells                                                  Coeur d'Alene Charter Academy
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