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ASC offers something for every Bullpup

ASC by the numbers
The popularity of Gonzaga Prep’s Academic Success Center is evident in the hum of students at work with peer tutors, teachers, and together at lunch study tables. This “all-you-can-eat buffet of help” serves 50+ students each day at every stage of their academic journey.

The ASC is a vibrant example of students and teachers working together for students who wish to excel or to keep pace with the demands of a college prep course load. On-demand tutoring, dedicated faculty members, and lunchtime study tables are part of a toolkit that optimizes a student’s opportunities to succeed academically.

Whether a student is dropping in for a quick homework question, receiving help on a major paper or project, accessing helpful resources, or meeting online for convenient at-home tutoring, the ASC extends learning opportunities beyond the classroom walls.

The ASC offers the following services, all free and unlimited:
Drop-in Study - A place for homework or study with extra help and tutoring available

One-on-One Tutoring - Scheduled daily or weekly in-person or online tutoring sessions

Online Writing Lab - Access to over 200 online resources to help with writing and other academic pursuits

Study Tables - Course-specific help with papers, homework, study skills, and test preparation

Homework Club - An after-school monitored homework group

On-Demand Learning - An online tutoring scheduler where students can “shop” for available tutors and instantly arrange an online or in-person session (even on the same day)

Tutor Training - Student preparation for helping in the ASC, earning volunteer hours, and building a résumé for collegiate tutoring jobs

ASC Prep Periods - Study halls with available tutoring

Academic Mentors - Volunteer Gonzaga Prep faculty who serve as yearlong academic mentors