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Carsten Schmidt `17

Carsten Schmidt `17 sees a career in orthopedics and sports medicine on the horizon. But before he begins the “10-year sprint” of medical school and residency, he’s taking a breath and using his time to do some good at Gonzaga Prep as the newest Alumni Service Corp volunteer.

Schmidt’s desire to become a doctor began his sophomore year at Prep, and his coursework in the sciences laid the groundwork. He learned balance and leadership as a student-athlete.

His post-high school journey “has been a bit of a rollercoaster.” He started out on an ROTC scholarship at Creighton but missed playing baseball, which drew him back to Spokane. He enrolled at SFCC on scholarship and earned an associate's degree in Biology. He completed his bachelor’s degree in kinesiology at Boise State University in December of 2021.

Since that time, he has taken the MCAT and is preparing to apply to medical schools, and has embarked on a pre-med bucket list of sorts, but with purpose. “I have more to learn and grow,” he says, before the next step.

When the opportunity to serve as an ASC volunteer presented itself, Schmidt was all in. “It just feels right,” he says. The community is so welcoming, and the love and TBIYTC mentality he remembers as a student is alive and well.

On campus, he dove right in, helping out at the security desk and then working into a routine of subbing and spending time in the Academic Success Center and the Learning Resource Center. “Working in the ASC is the best part of my day,” he says. As a tutor in science and math, it’s those “a-ha” moments when a concept clicks that are the most rewarding. Schmidt’s talents reach beyond the school day too – the former varsity baseball and football player is assisting in baseball this spring and hopes to assist as an academic coordinator for football in the fall.

The Office of Service and Justice is looking for more volunteers to round out the crew for the 2023-2024 school year. Schmidt affirms that the ASC is a great fit for recent college graduates who want to give back and have time before that next step OR if you’re still trying to discern your next step.