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Celebrating love & harmony at Gonzaga Prep

Thursday’s “Love & Harmony” con gathered the student body to feel the love and celebrate the many gifts of Bullpups through the lens of music.

Emceed by senior Jacob Thompson, the hour emphasized the many ways our diversity can create a beautiful kind of harmony. “Harmony goes so far beyond just a quality of music. It’s an essential and intrinsic factor in all things,” he said. “It’s our ability to manage and live in relationship with the ebbs and flows of life—the ups and downs and the rains and shines”

All of the fine arts played a part in the assembly–work from the recent Omnia Art Showcase was on display, and Pep Band, Jazz Pups, and choir all took a turn at music that engaged the full bleachers.

Senior Will Alexander-Durr, Black Student Union president, introduced Darnesha Chery and Alethea Dumas, who sang Lift Every Voice and Sing in celebration of Black History Month. Senior Emily McCullough shared the ways music has changed the trajectory of her life, and how that passion for something exists in each one of us. She reflected on the space between passion and joy, suffering and pain. A space that might be filled with tension is where harmony can exist, and “the way you practice compassion is storytelling,” she said

In closing the con, Team Magis led the crowd singing together the viral “It’s a Beautiful Day.”