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Hall of Fame celebrates newest members

On a night celebrating the shared story of service and excellence, Gonzaga Prep welcomed the 2023 class of inductees to the Hall of Fame. The ceremony in Kubiak Theater showcased each recipient’s impact on the school and the world beyond through videos that vibrantly painted a picture of each inductee’s life and accomplishments.

Each recipient–and those accepting on behalf– gave a nod to the others, captured well by the final inductee and former school president, Al Falkner, “Everyone honored tonight with me has done the work, all in extraordinary ways. That seeking the greater, the Magis, is what Prep is all about.”

Toni Kuder: “I asked Phil some years ago, hypothetically, if he could do it over again, would he still choose to teach at Prep. He didn't hesitate to answer that of course he would!”

Denise Schlepp, with her familiar humility: “I am just one, one of the many lives that have been forever changed through this place, and I consider myself lucky to have been considered.

Coach Mike Arte, accepting on behalf of the 2013-2015 Girls Basketball Teams: “For the first time, there are 3 inductions that represent the great accomplishments of females; our team, Kathy for her endearing work with young children and Denise for her pioneering work in women’s athletics.”

Camilla Tilford, on behalf of the Founders of Fair Share: “We are grateful for this honor and for the success of Fair Share. Thank you to the committee for this recognition and honor. Meeting adjourned!”

Their stories speak for themselves, watch them all here:

Carl Maxey `42

The Kuder Brothers: Phil `68 and Steve, S.J., `60

Kathy Perko `79

Denise Schlepp

Founders of Fair Share

1982 Bullpup Football

2013-2015 Bullpup Girls Basketball

Al Falkner