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Cole Peterson

Choir teacher
Time at Prep: New this fall

Cole Peterson comes to Gonzaga Prep with diverse experience. He teaches private lessons, playing all over the Pacific Northwest with the Justin James Band and Funky Unkle, and directs worship at Audubon Park United Methodist Church and the West Central Abbey. Peterson, in just a short time here sees how students are encouraged to think about the "why" of something in addition to the "what."

His goal is to give students the opportunity to make music not just now, but for the rest of their lives. “Music is made in an infinite amount of ways; social media, classical performance, garage bands, home production, and more,” he says. “I want my students to know that all kinds of music have value, are beautiful forms of expression, and that they can make music wherever they are in life!”
When he’s not in the choir room, you’ll find him off campus spending time with his wife Alisa, and daughter Eloise, playing disc golf, trading card games, watching NBA games, and drinking coffee. “Lots and lots of coffee!”

Job perk: I get the opportunity to build two-way relationships with my students. They get to know who I am, and I hope that transparency brings validity and trust when I introduce challenging musical concepts.
When you grew up you wanted to be? In third grade, I wrote that I wanted to be a nightclub owner. When asked why I replied that I wanted a place where my friends and I could hang out and eat pizza.
Favorite food: Pizza