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Ignatian Educator of the Year

Chris HawleyThe Ignatian Educator Award recognizes the work of a person whose efforts outside the classroom have furthered the mission of Gonzaga Prep. Recipients of this award model the Ignatian ideal of “cura personalis” or the personalized care and concern for the individual. By their actions, they continually build and strengthen the Gonzaga Prep community.

Mr. Hawley is the first athletic trainer employed by Gonzaga Prep and he has built an outstanding department that serves not only our student athletics - but our entire school community.

Chris is exceptional at what he does. He approaches every student and adult with cura personalis. He is a man of genuine faith who deeply understands what it is to be a person for others. He is equally gifted with talent in the classroom, professionalism in his role as our athletic trainer, and true heart. He steps up to new challenges with integrity and treats all members of our community with kindness. He’s an exceptional colleague and a gift to our students—well deserving of this award.

In addition to teaching and leading our athletic training department, Mr. Hawley is committed to the spiritual life of our community - he regularly attends Mass and Search weekends with our students (even after numerous weekends dedicated to athletic events). He is often the first person to say Yes - and to reach out with care and a willingness to help. Chris is filled with compassion and generosity that makes a difference in the lives of his students and colleagues.