Gonzaga Preparatory School

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Hailey Herrington

The world languages department welcomes a new face this year in Spokane native Hailey Herrington. Before Prep, Herrington taught English in the French Caribbean Island of Martinique and worked here in Spokane with refugee youth.
Though she’s been at Prep for a little over a month, she already sees huge transformation in how students engage with French and the class itself. “It's so much fun.”

In the classroom, Hailey sees learning language as a privilege.”I’m glad I get to support my students through this experience by focusing on input and communication and allowing students to thrive through their own acquisition.”

When she’s not on campus, you might find her teaching English as a second language to adults through Gonzaga's free ESL program.

“My first week here was so much fun; meeting faculty, staff, and students has been such a delight and I have felt really grateful to be fully welcomed within my first few weeks. This community is so supportive and welcoming. There is a place here for everyone to succeed and thrive.”

Job perk: Having enough time for grad school!
What did you want to be when you grew up: I always wanted to be a teacher.
Favorite food: Sushi or baguette with brie and honey
Dream vacation: Traveling through the lower Antilles (Caribbean)
Anything else? French has been my passion for years now and I'm so excited that I'm back in a role where I get to use it every day!