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Krista Frankovic `04

Theology Teacher (Scripture, Intro to Christian Life, and Ethics)
Time at Prep: 3 weeks 
Krista Frankovic `04 returns to Gonzaga Prep as a teacher who is grounded in the beautiful intersection of faith and science. She’s teaching in the Theology department but also holds a Master’s Degree in chemistry. “I am passionate about the environment and deeply know that my faith in God is stronger because of my understanding of science and the universe.“
Frankovic spent the past 8 years as Immersion Coordinator, Campus Minister, and chemistry teacher at Saint Francis High School in Mountain View, CA.
In the classroom, she believes success is found when the students and teacher have built up a community where everybody gets to share a little of themselves to build up trust and respect. “Students learn through doing, so I try to make lessons as interactive as possible, with plenty of hands-on activities and opportunities for students to work together. I aim for a lively classroom with a lot of participation and students up and moving as much as possible, as opposed to a quiet or reserved space. My students are the most important thing to me and I try to ensure that by the time they leave my class after the semester or year, they know that to be true.”
As an alum, she affirms that Food Drive was her favorite memory from her time as a student. “The friendly competition between classes was always fun, but it was especially amazing to walk into classrooms and barely even be able to move around because there were bags and boxes of food stacked everywhere. And then delivery day was always a blast - a mix of teamwork, coordination, and outreach in the community that I loved being a part of then and can't wait to now!
Prep’s impact on her extends well beyond Food Drive. “I can literally trace my whole life trajectory to attending Gonzaga Prep, the awesome faculty that taught me (and who I'm now privileged to work with), and the encouragement they gave me in pursuing my dreams and finding the right college for me.”
When she’s not on campus, you’re likely to see her at St. Al's for Mass, at a trivia night somewhere in Spokane, or perhaps at Indaba.
Favorite job perk: My colleagues are amazing and I'm loving getting to know everyone, especially working so closely with my Theology Department colleagues.
What did you want to be when you grow up? A doctor. I dreamed of doing Doctors Without Borders but discerned my junior year of college that even though I loved science, I didn't want to go through all the schooling that it required. But then I went and got 2 Master's degrees, so…
Favorite food: Authentic Mexican food: Something like Tacos de Birria or Pozole
Dream vacation: I have a bucket list of places I want to travel next, so I'm not sure I can pick just one. Venice, Ireland, and Iceland are high on the list.
Anything else? My niece and nephew are students at Prep so this is the first time since 1998 that 3 Frankovics have been at Prep at the same time (when my 3 brothers were here together).