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Brian Spraggins

New in Fall 2020

Brian Spraggins joined the Gonzaga Prep counseling team in the Fall of 2020 where he works with juniors and seniors whose last names begin with the letters K-Z. 

Brian brings a wealth of experience to Prep having worked in the counseling department at Lewis and Clark High School for seven years -- most recently as department lead. Before his stint in K-12 education, he worked in higher education in admissions and access at Gonzaga University, Eastern Washington University, Spokane Community College, and Spokane Falls Community College.

In just his first two months at Prep, he already notices that beyond the rigorous academics, Prep is a community of people who care about both the endeavors in which they participate and the people with whom they share those endeavors. 

He believes strongly in the transformative power of education, generally, and has little doubt that it transpires in a unique way within the Jesuit context here at Gonzaga Prep.


Favorite job perk:

One of the things I most appreciate about serving as a counselor at Prep is the opportunity to integrate my Christian faith into my work.

Favorite food: Tacos are my favorite!

Activities/hobbies: I tend to be a homebody, and tend to spend his time with leisure activities there. 

Dream vacation: I will let you know when I dream it up!

When he was a kid, he wanted to grow to be: I wanted to be an author; I have always loved writing and the creative process surrounding it.

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