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Liz Slamkowski

Year started at Prep: 2018


Director of Christian Service Elizabeth Slamkowski DiTommaso joined Prep first as assistant director before taking the lead as director in the fall of 2019. Before coming to Gonzaga Prep, she taught in Washington, D.C., Santiago, Chile and Seattle.


In an area that’s as experiential as it is instructional, DiTommaso believes it’s vital to view the world through the lens of social justice, where students are all challenged to rethink narratives, to consciously consider their place in cycles of liberation and oppression, and to regain a humble compassion for those they walk beside. That work is not easy and can be overwhelming and difficult.


She’s grateful to have the opportunity to witness these experiences lived out. During spring break 2019, she accompanied ten students to L.A. where they met with men and women who previously had been gang members and/or formerly incarcerated. Each of the students in the group met, interacted, questioned, laughed, and connected with these individuals in an authentic way. Prep students demonstrated God's love, compassion, and took the time to go upriver to see what the forces are at play before someone may commit a crime.


What makes Gonzaga Prep special? “I love watching students pushing themselves to be open to growth, entertaining the perspective of others, and engaging in dialogue with people who think differently than they do. As a coach, she enjoys watching students push themselves physically. “In the fall, one athlete finished her race and said, ‘I didn't think I could do that.’I did though.“


Fast facts:

When not on the job: I’m out in the woods hiking or running.

Favorite job perk: My spring break plans are set! I'll be with a group of ten high school students that are fired up about justice! 

Favorite food(s): Pizza

Dream vacation: A 6+ month trip around the world.