Gonzaga Preparatory School

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Tefi Ma'ake

Years at Prep: 4 months

Tefi Ma’ake comes to Prep as a new face in both the classroom and in campus ministry. You’ll see her involved in weekly Masses and retreat experiences throughout the school year.  In the classroom she teaches Old Testament and ethics to students. In teaching both freshmen and seniors, she looks forward to seeing the transformation of students during their years at Gonzaga Prep.

Before moving to the Pacific Northwest, she was Director of Campus Ministry and Assistant Head of School for Mission at Notre Dame Academy in Los Angeles and Resident Minister at Loyola Marymount University. “I was nervous about moving from L.A. to Spokane, but amazed at how many connections from home I had to the Gonzaga Prep community. It was reassuring to know so many good people were connected to the school community I was joining.”  

She says her teaching and ministry mission is to help young people recognize their goodness, become more aware of God's love, and support them in becoming who they are called to be. Fr. Greg Boyle's words beautifully capture her aspirations for her students: I hope to help students know that they are "exactly what God had in mind when he made [them]."


Fast facts

Favorite food: Mediterranean
Dream vacation: Spain
When she was a kid, she wanted to be: A lawyer (briefly), but her experiences in high school and college led her to ministry and theology.