Gonzaga Preparatory School

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Jennifer Christopher

Degrees/Endorsements: Bachelors in Communication Studies, Bachelors in English Education, Masters in Curriculum Instruction and Assessment
Years at Prep: 12

Between working in the classroom and in Campus Ministry Jennifer Christopher has seen how Jesuit education shapes a community into one that is for and with others. In 2007 Christopher received an email from a friend that happily led her to Prep. She has been at Prep since teaching and working in Campus Ministry. Christopher is a big fan of her students and believes in their incredible capacity for selflessness and compassion. She has seen how the mission of the Jesuits has created a culture of servant leadership that her students embrace. “Our kids have a beautiful ability to reach beyond themselves to love and be present to others,” said Christopher.

This spring Christopher will get to watch her oldest graduate from Prep. She is looking forward to experiencing the “lasts” with her family. Some of her favorite things to do include spending time with her family, going on runs (that she says usually turn into walks), and spending summers at Priest Lake. Fun Fact: Christopher says that she makes the best brownies in the world!

Her encouragement to all students, and all people are these three things:
1) Light beats darkness, always,
2) we all have inherent dignity and worth, and
3) be yourself and lead with kindness. You’ll never regret being kind