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Applying for Fair Share Tuition

Applying for Fair Share Tuition

After your student is accepted for admission to Gonzaga Prep, Fair Share facilitation meetings are conducted as part of your registration appointment.  Here's how you can apply for Fair Share:
  • Attend a mandatory information meeting for incoming parents about Registration and Tuition on Monday, February 27, 2017 at 7 pm.
  • Complete the Fair Share Tuition application online.  Please complete this application online using Adobe Reader, print and sign the application.  
  • Bring the completed Fair Share Tuition application with you to your registration appointment.   Please note: The Fair Share Tuition application will also be submitted to the Nazareth Guild to be considered for a tuition assistance grant.
  • During your registration appointment, meet with a Fair Share Facilitator to determine your Fair Share Tuition.  You will need to bring the following documents to access Fair Share:
    • Fair Share Tuition Application
    • 2016 Federal Income Tax Return
    • 2016 W-2's
    • 2016 K-1's for families who are members of an S Corp, LLC or partnership
    • If you haven't completed your 2016 tax returns at the time of your registration appointment, please bring the 2015 federal income tax return plus your 2016 W-2's.
  • After your Fair Share Tuition is determined, sign a tuition contract and complete the payment authorization form.
  • Make a non-refundable deposit equal to 10% of your Fair Share Tuition.


What if our family can't afford the Fair Share Tuition Guidelines?

After your initial meeting with the Fair Share Facilitator, you can request a meeting with our Fair Share Review Committee where you present your family's budget and your individual circumstances.  The Fair Share Review Committee will consider such factors as the number of students in Catholic grade schools; students in college; medical expenses; recent changes in employment or other situations. 

The Fair Share Review Committee may award a scholarship to help bridge the gap to your Fair Share Tuition guideline or make other adjustments that are equitable to you, the School and other Gonzaga Prep families.  Annually, over 100  students are awarded scholarships to help them meet their Fair Share Tuition guidelines.