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Fair Share - Mission Driven

MISSION DRIVEN:  Making Gonzaga Prep Accessible for All Families
Gonzaga Prep’s mission statement affirms that the School “exists to support the life of the Catholic Church in the Inland Northwest by seeking to serve all families who desire for their children Catholic education in the Jesuit tradition.”  With this in mind, the School implemented the Fair Share tuition program in 1992. The School has a long tradition of helping students attend regardless of income. 
A Gonzaga Prep Catholic education embraces Gospel values, an excellent college prep curriculum, a full activities program and community service. Families who send their children to Gonzaga Prep understand that they are committing to a philosophy and a financial commitment, which is a sacrifice for all families. All families are asked to participate in Fair Share through prayerful reflection and pay as much as they can toward full tuition.  All families are also asked to commit to 20 volunteer hours per year.


Gonzaga Prep's Fair Share Tuition for 2017-18 ranges from $2,275 to $12,440, depending on the family's gross income.  Approximately 60% of our students access Fair Share Tuition and receive an average of $4,500 in Fair Share support. 

Gonzaga Prep's Fair Share Tuition guidelines are based on your family's gross income.  We ask all families who apply for Fair Share Tuition to prayerfully reflect and pay as much toward the full tuition as possible, but at least as much at our tuition guidelines plus applicable fees.

2017-18 TUITION             $2,275 - $12,440
Fees                                 $480 - $540

Text Books                      $70 - $300
iPad (purchased in first year)   $550

Please review the Fair Share Tuition Guidelines for more information.