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Pat Segadelli teacher of the year

Pat SegadelliDr. and Mrs. McKenna had a special appreciation for the hard work and dedication of Prep's faculty. The award that bears their name was created through their generous support of Gonzaga Prep. In Jesuit schools, teaching cannot be merely about disseminating information and imparting career skills. In the vision of Ignatius, teaching is a vocation, a mission, and a labor of love.
—Jesuit Schools Network, Our Way of Proceeding

Mr. Segadelli teaches AP World History and AP Macroeconomics. Pat is a consummate professional, who for the benefit of his students, is highly competitive with himself.

His desire is for each of his students to pass the AP exam. He takes pride in coaching each student to their highest potential and celebrates each student's improvement. This strong interest in each student's growth is the cornerstone of the excellent rapport he has with every student. Pat is a master teacher—who approaches teaching like a craft. He challenges his students and in return, they are interested and excited about his classes and assignments. He deeply cares about each student and takes the time to get to know each one.

For Segadelli, being a great teacher extends beyond the classroom: He is committed to professional development, increasing his knowledge, reading constantly and learning new strategies. Each year he commits to spending weekends on Search and Magis with our students. Recently, he wrote and published a children’s book titled, Gio & Banks: Scarcity, Choices, and Tradeoffs The book may be purchased in the Bullpup Outfitters store.