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G-Prep Writing Lab
Creating Better Writers
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7:30 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.
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  Assessment   Plagiarism   Best of the Web
  Score Sheets    Plagiarism      Writing Resources
  Writing Triad Overview    Plagiarism Overview   Guide to Grammar & Writing
  Triad Triad Assessment Sheet   Plagiarism Examples   Harvard Essay Strategies
  Triad Assessment Terms Key   Plagiarism Consequences   Purdue OWL
  Editing Symbols Key   Plagiarism Contract   Texas A&M Writing Guides
          UNC Writing Tips & Tools
  Self-Assessment Sheets   Turnitin    
  Self-Assessment & Reflection   Turnitin.com    Grammar Resources
  Basic Checklist (Quick Scrub)   Turnitin Submissions Guide   English Grammar 101
  Full Essay Checklist (Scrubber)   Turnitin Tools Guide   Towson Grammar
  Citations Checklist (Scrubber)       Stanford Top-20 Mistakes
Parts of an Essay   Style   MLA   Writing Process
Essay Structure   Word Choice   Formatting   Overview
Essay Parts & Structure   Using Strong Verbs   Basic Essay Format   Writing Process Diagram
Mini-Essay Structure   Verb Power Lists   Annotated Format Sample   5-Step Process Overview
Sample Annotated Essay   Avoiding Weak Words   Header + Page Number Help    
    Words to Avoid   Top Format Problems + Help   Prewriting
Titles   Weak Word Substitutes       Prewriting Strategies
Titles Tutorial   Phrases to Avoid   Punctuation   Brainstorming
Styles & Samples       Apostrophes   Outlining
    Transitions   Brackets   Sample Outline
Introductions   Useful Transitions by Type   Colons   Prewriting Checklist
Introductions Tutorial   Transitions to Avoid   Commas    
Styles & Samples   Artful Transitioning   Dashes  
Formulas       Ellipses   Drafting Strategies
    Sentence Fluency   Hyphens   Drafting Checklist
Thesis Statements   Being Concise   Italics (Underlining)    
Thesis Statements Tutorial   Sentence Variety   Parentheses   Revising
Styles & Samples   Parallelism   Quotation Marks   Revising Strategies
Thesis Litmus Test       Semicolons   Revising Checklist
Paragraphs   The Writer's Voice   Grammar & Mechanics   Editing (Proofreading)
Paragraphs Tutorial   Formal Academic Voice    Top G-Prep Errors   Editing Strategies
Annotated Samples   Active Voice   Fixing Run-on Sentences   Editing Checklist
Topic-Restriction Style       More Content Coming Soon    
    Techniques       Publishing (Final Touches)
Topic Sentences   Organization Methods       Publishing Strategies
Topic Sentences Tutorial   Comparing and Contrasting       Publishing Checklist
Samples   Specificity         
Conclusions   Unity        
Conclusions Tutorial            
Samples Coming Soon            
Research Papers   Quoting   Documentation   Writing Purposes
Databases   Quoting Basics   Citation Rules   Business Letters
Databases and Passwords   Punctuation for Quoting   Citing Sources Overview   Persuasive Business Letters 
Source Reliability Checklist   Prose (Textual) Quoting   Direct Quoting   Business Letter (Annotated) 
    Poetry Quoting   Paraphrasing   Business Letter Format 
Getting Started       In-Text Citation Rules    
"Reading" the Assignment   Quoting Style   Works Cited Page Rules   Mini Essays
The Research Question   Quoting Styles       1-Paragraph Mini Essay
Suggested Process   Setting up Academic Quotes   Models & Samples   Sample Coming Soon
    Keys to Quoting Well   Works Cited Page (Sample)    
Researching       Works Cited Page (Annotated)   College Entrance Essays
Collecting & Tracking Information   Quoting Situations   Basic Works Cited Entry Order   College Application Essays
Bibliography Sheet   Special Quoting Situations       Avoiding Common Problems
Inductive Reasoning   Common Quoting Problems   Citation Help Sheets    
    Paraphrasing   Citations "Cheat" Sheet   Literary Essays
Research Thesis Statement       Citing Secondary Sources   Literary Essay Content Tutorial
Finding a Research Thesis       Hanging Indents & URLs  V   Paragraph Content & Samples
Focusing a Research Thesis       Hanging Indents on iPad    Poetry Essay Tips Coming Soon
Research Thesis Ingredients       Top In-Text Citation Errors    
Problems and Solutions       Top-10 Works Cited Errors    
Thesis Litmus Test       Citations Checklist (Scrubber)   Emails and Memos
            Emails and Memos Tutorial
Research Outline           Email and Memo Checklist
Research Outline Format            
Organization Strategies            
Outline Sample 1           Other Types
Outline Sample 2           Timed Short Essay Tips
Drafting & Revising            
1st Draft (Main Body)            
1st Draft (Intro & Conclusion)            
2nd Draft (Revision)            
2nd Draft (Adding Citations)            
Editing & Publishing            
Research Paper Checklist            
Citations Checklist (Scrubber)            
Full Essay Checklist (Scrubber)            
Sample Student Papers            
Genetic Engineering Ethics            
Organ Donation            
Animal Testing            
Mental Health