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Writing Lab Resources

Creating better writers,
not just better papers
 Assessment    Writing Process    General
Assessment Sheet (Triad)   Writing Process Overview   Writing Lab Expectations
Content Terms (Triad)   Pre-writing   Independent Help
Style Terms (Triad)   Drafting   Writing Triad Goals
Conventions Terms (Triad)   Revising   Online Writing Resources
Self-Evaluation "Scrubber"    Editing/Proofreading   Turnitin.com
Editing Symbols Key   Publishing    
 Content    Style    Conventions
Main Ideas   Word Choice   Formatting
Thesis Info   Using Strong Verbs   MLA Formatting (Basic)
Focusing a Thesis   Strong Verbs List   Sample MLA Paper
Thesis Styles & Examples   Avoiding Weak Language   Idiots Guide to Headers
Topic Sentence Info   Weak Words Substitutes   Works-Cited Page (Format)
Topic Sentence Examples   "Dead" Words to Avoid   APA Formatting (Basic)
    Phrases to Avoid   Sample APA Formated Paper
    Useful Transitions    
Organization   Transitions to Avoid   Usage (Grammar)
      Common Usage Problems
Literary Essay Structure       Usage Resources
Making an Outline   Sentence Fluency    
Outline (Sample)   Eliminating Wordiness   Punctuation (Grammar)
Introductions   Sentence Variety   Commas
Conclusions   Parallelism in Writing   Other Punctuation
Creating Unity        
Structured Essay (Sample)        
    Voice   Quoting
Support   Voice in Writing  
Quoting Overview
Being Specific   Using Formal Voice   Punctuation for Quoting
Essay + Support (Sample)   Using Active Voice   Quoting Poetry
Support for Short Essays       Quoting Prose (stories, articles, etc.)
        Keys to Quoting Well
        The Art of Quoting
        Styles for Quoting
        Special Quoting Situations
        Plagiarism Overview
        Types of Plagiarism
        Citing Sources (general info)
        In-text Citations (no works-cited page)
        Citations (with a works-cited page)
        Works-Cited Page (Formatting)
        Work-Cited Page (Sample)
        Plagiarism Contract