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Bullpup Camps

Athletic, Enrichment and Academic Camps

Gonzaga Prep is always a beehive of activity, during the school year as well as during vacations. Here is a listing of the different camps available for Gonzaga Prep students AND Future Bullpups. 
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Advanced Math Camp:
For more information contact Stephen Manfred (smanfred@gprep.com
Art Camp:
The Gonzaga Prep Summer Art Camp is intended for students entering 3rd through 8th grade. There are two, 4-Day camps: Watercolor Camp and Ceramics Camp. Both run for two hours each day. Students can attend one or both camps. During the Watercolor Camp, students will explore a variety of watercolor techniques and special effects culminating in several final compositions worthy of the fridge or a frame! In Ceramics Camp, students will learn skills to make vessels such as cups, mugs, bowls, and ceramic tile art, such as wall hangings or coasters.

Check back in May for additional information on dates and times. For any other questions, please email art instructor, Kate Stillar, at kstillar@gprep.com

Hope to see your child this summer!
Baseball Camp:
For more information contact Brian Munhall (bmunhall@gprep.com)
Boys Basketball Camp:


4th-8th Grade Camp- This camp stresses the fundamental skills of basketball with extra attention on shooting mechanics. Ball handling, footwork, one on one moves, and post play will also be taught. Prizes will be given to individual and team competition winners. Every camper will receive a T-shirt.

9th Grade Camp- This camp will serve as an introduction to the Bullpup basketball philosophy in which our offensive and defensive systems will be implemented. It will also serve as practice and organization for summer league.

10-12th Grade Camp- This camp will be used to evaluate players and continue to teach our offensive and defensive principles. Every athlete considering trying out should plan on attending. This camp will also help organize teams for summer tournaments.

For more information contact Matty McIntyre (mmcintyre@gprep.com) 
West Valley Summer League:
For more information contact Matty McIntyre (mmcintyre@gprep.com) 
Girls Basketball Camp:
The basketball camp is structured to accommodate girls from 4th through 12th grades. Our goal is to provide a camp that integrates skill development along with the joy and fun of playing basketball. To help us accomplish this goal we run our sessions Monday - Friday, 2 hours a day. More information will be provided when we get closer to the summer months.

For information during the basketball season please contact Mike Arte (marte@gprep.com) or click Girls Basketball

Cross Country Camp:

The camp is designed to meet the needs of all levels of runners interested in cross country. The camp will consist of 4 runs throughout the 3-day camp. There will be team building activities and a designing of a summer running schedule. There will also be an opportunity to see how God fits into running. The cost will cover room and board.


For more information regarding girls cross country contact Stephen Manfred (smanfred@gprep.com) or boys cross country contact Joe Feryn (jferyn@gprep.com)

*Northwest Montana Running Camp:
Contact Joe Feryn for more information!   
Football Camp:
For more information contact David McKenna (dmckenna@gprep.com) 
Fundamental Skills Camp:
For more information contact Stephen Manfred (smanfred@gprep.com) 
Pole Vault Club:
Spokane Pole Vault is a USATF Club, coached by Brendon Algeier. The club aims to help athletes of all ages to improve their technique, and reach their goals. Brendon can be reached by email at brendonalgeier@yahoo.com or via the Spokane Pole Vault page on Facebook.

USATF Club Number: 35-0232
Science Safari 2017:
For more information contact Karen Round (kround@gprep.com
Boys Soccer Camp:
For more information contact Vernon Croft (spokanebreakersfc@gmail.com) 
Girls Soccer Camp:
For more information contact Billy Barmes (bbarmes4@gmail.com) 
 Strength & Conditioning Camp:
The summer strength and conditioning camps are designed to prepare students who wish to improve in the areas of strength, power, agility, and speed. This camp is open to all Gonzaga Prep students regardless of gender and athletic participation.
For more information contact Chris Hawley (chawley@gprep.com) 
Study Skills Camp:
For more information contact Peg Haun-McEwen (pmcewen@gprep.com) 
Summer Drama Camp:
CAST of Characters is a two-week intensive drama camp with the goal of inspiring youth to be creative and imaginative. Within two weeks, campers will put on a full musical production, complete with improv and choreography, as well as having a blast while doing it. Originally brought to Spokane by Andi and Sean Kane, CAST has been around for over a decade and still going strong! CAST is located at Gonzaga Prep in Spokane, WA. Our dates for the drama camp will be set as we get closer to summer. 
For more information contact Michael Barfield (mbarfield@dioceseofspokane.org) 
Volleyball Camp:

The volleyball summer camp is run by the Gonzaga Prep coaching staff and college level guest coaches. We provide a program for all high school, middle and elementary school students. Our goal is to provide any student in our program a solid fundamental base for volleyball. We keep it high energy and fun. More information will be provided when we get closer to the summer months.



For information during the volleyball season please contact Jill Benson (jbenson@gprep.com).


Wrestling Camp:
For more information contact Danny Pearson (dpearson@gprep.com) 
Wrestling Camp on the Palouse:
If you purchased a gift certificate at a Catholic Grade School Auction, download the form below and send, along with the certificate to: Gonzaga Prep, Attn: Summer Camps, 1224 E Euclid Ave, Spokane, WA 99207