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Deans' Frequently Asked Questions:
What do I do if I arrive to school late?
All students who arrive late to school must sign in at the attendance desk, with the Student Life Assistance, in the main office prior to being admitted to class. See the Attendance Policy
Where can I find the Student Life Assistant?
Her desk is in the Main Office of the school.  Her desk is directly to your left as you enter the Main Office.
What do I do if I'm absent from school?
It is the student’s responsibility to have their parent or guardian call the attendance office (509-483-8513) by 9 a.m. on the day of the absence. Gonzaga Prep’s attendance voicemail operates 24 hours a day; the call explaining an absence can be made at any time on the day of the student’s absence.
What if I'm late for a class during the school day?
All students who are tardy for other classes during the day will receive an automatic JUG from their teacher.
What if I get an email stating I was absent even though I was in class?
If there were an error, the student must see the Student Life Assistant immediately.
What if I have to leave school for an appointment?
The Student Life Assistant must be notified by phone or note prior to the student’s appointment. Students should pick up a pass to show their teacher at the beginning of the class they will be leaving early. Students must sign out before leaving and then sign in, should they return before the end of the school.
Where can I check for snow/inclement weather school closure information ?
In the event of a school closure, parents and guardians will receive a text message, phone call, and/or voicemail regarding the closure or late start through our Bright Arrow notification system. You may also check with the local radio and television stations in the event of a school closure.
What about facial piercings?
Facial piercings are not allowed at Gonzaga Prep during the school day. Students may wear reasonable size and number of earrings for pierced ears, but the school administration reserves the right to determine when such piercings or other jewelry are distracting or in conflict with the spirit of Gonzaga Prep’s Dress Code. Students will be asked to remove such jewelry and not to wear it again. As always, the Deans reserve the right to be the final arbiters of Handbook guidelines.
What about cell phones?
If a cell phone is seen or heard by a teacher during class time, it will be confiscated and turned into the Deans' Office and kept there overnight. If it is a second offense, the phone will be kept for 2 days. Students will receive a JUG for this offense.
What is JUG?
JUG is a term that refers to "detention." It is held after school from 2:35-3:05 pm or during lunch in the student center. The lunch JUG involves lunchroom cleanup, while the after school JUG includes work around the school. Students receiving a JUG for more serious offenses, such as classroom disruption, will be required to serve detention after school. See the Philosophy of Discipline section of the Student Handbook regarding how JUG is assigned. 
Where may I eat my lunch or snacks during break or the lunch period? May I eat at my locker?
All food and drink must be consumed in the student center or outside. No food or drink should be consumed at the student's locker or in the Main Halls. 
Are there any Dance rules or expectations: 
Please see the Dance Rules and Expectations
May I bring a friend from another school to a mixer or a formal dance?
Yes. Prior to a mixer, download a guest form. Your guest must bring his or her student ID to the dance. 
Are weekly Masses mandatory?
Certain liturgies are required for students to attend (Mass of the Holy Spirit, Thanksgiving Mass, Advent Mass, and Marian Mass). Students should avoid scheduling appointments during these mass times.  Liturgy held on Thursday every week is optional for students to attend. See the Religious Expectations section of the Student Handbook.
How are lockers assigned? 
All students will be assigned an individual locker in random groupings throughout the main hall; all senior lockers are downstairs. Students do not need to sign up for a locker or locker partner. Each student will be notified of his or her locker assignment in August.

Every new student will be issued two locks (one for PE and one for school items) at Orientation. Returning students may use Gonzaga Prep issued locks. We will have locks available in August for purchase if students need to replace them.

We emphasize the importance of locking up personal items both in the main halls and locker rooms, especially iPads and backpacks.

How is parking assigned? 
In August, during Returning Student Check-In, students with a Driver's License (priority for Seniors and Juniors) will be able to purchase a parking spot. More information regarding parking will be available in the information that is sent out to families prior to Returning Student Check-In. 

Can Seniors leave campus for lunch?

Gonzaga Prep has a closed-campus.