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Attendance Policy


Student Life Assistant/Attendance
Please call to report tardies or absences.
Phone: 509-483-8513


Regular attendance is required of all students to support the academic climate of the school.The  interaction and personal relationships between students and teachers and between students and peers are aspects of education that cannot be made up once they are missed. Therefore, it is important to emphasize prompt class attendance and that only serious circumstances should be cause for absence. It is the student's responsibility to promptly make up all work missed due to absence. Students are encouraged to contact their teachers using school email to access missed assigned work. Numerous absences may adversely affect a student's grade in a given class and the student's ability to participate in co-curricular activities. Excessive absences may also result in an automatic letter grade reduction. Family vacations should coincide with school holidays. Students are not permitted to leave campus during student liturgies or assemblies for any reason. Please consult the school calendar before making any/all medical appointments. Students will not be given early dismissal on these days. Parents who do not support Prep's attendance policy place their student's standing at Prep in jeopardy.


Excused Tardies /Absences  

  • It is the student's responsibility to have a Parent / Guardian call the Attendance Office (509-483-8513) on the day of the absence by 9 a.m. If a child is late or absent from school, the parent/guardian is asked to phone the school prior to 9 a.m. on the day of the absence or late arrival. The student must sign in at the attendance desk if he/she is late for any period. A parent/guardian may leave a message on the school's answering machine. Text messages will not be allowed to excuse your student.The validity of the reason given for the student's absence is left to the judgment of the Deans. 
  • The minimum consequence for failure to follow this protocol is a procedural Jug. The school will generally not excuse for reasons relating to traffic, transportation problems, oversleeping, running late, or weather. 
  • A student’s parent may excuse up to 5 tardies per semester for car trouble, traffic, weather, etc.Once a student has 5 tardies, a andatory meeting with the parent, student and Dean to discuss a plan for improvement will occur. Any additional tardies will be unexcused unless a student has a medical appointment and brings a note from his/her doctor upon coming to school. Each unexcused tardy automatically receives an after school jug. Additional academic consequences may occur depending on individual teacher classroom policies. 
Semester Exam Attendance Policy
Any student who is absent on a semester exam day in December and/or May for the purpose of a trip or
vacation or similar reasons will receive a failing grade for the semester exam grade in the subjects
missed. A student who misses an exam day for legitimate illness or very serious reasons, such as
a funeral or a sibling graduation, will be allowed to make up his/her exams upon approval of the
Academic Vice- Principal. Gonzaga Prep does not give semester exams earlier than the regularly scheduled exam period. Families should plan vacations and travel with this policy in mind.
Extending Vacations during School Breaks
Parents and students especially need to understand that any choice to extend vacation times, whether
at the start of school, in October, Thanksgiving, Christmas or Spring Break, will bring about serious issues regarding attendance. Students and parents who choose to extend vacation periods could be jeopardizing the student’s grade because of absenteeism and should seriously consider those choices ahead of time. Gonzaga Prep will not accept responsibility for providing special assignments and
examinations for students not in attendance because of family vacations. Also review the Semester Exam Attendance Policy above.
Appointments/ Leaving Campus
Students should avoid scheduling appointments during school hours and all- school Mass times. When such an appointment is made, the Student Life Assistant must be notified by phone or note prior to the student’s appointment. For physician’s appointments a student must bring a physician's note upon returning to school. 
  • The student should come to the Main Office and get a note from the Student Life Assistant excusing them from class.
  • The student should present the note to the teacher, if the appointment time is during class.
  • Students must sign out before leaving and sign in, should they return before the end of the school.Failure to do so will result in a procedural JUG will be given. 
Pre-Arranged Absences
  • For all pre-arranged absences, including those related to a school activity, the student is to notify each teacher and make arrangements prior to the absence for homework and missed exams. Failure to do so may result in an academic penalty. 
  • In cases where an extended absence of 2 or more days are planned, the student is required to print an Extended Absence Form from Skyward. This form requires a parent or guardian signature, signatures from teachers, and the Academic Vice-Principal. It must be returned to the Deans' Office for approval prior to the absence. Failure to complete the form may have academic consequences.
Accumulated Absences
A student will be sent a letter after 10 absences in a class per semester (excused or unexcused)
requesting a written explanation of absences and plan for improvement. After 15 absences in a class
(excused or unexcused), a student will only be eligible to receive a Pass/Fail grade in the course. After
20 absences in a single class, a student will be withdrawn from the course and receive a failing grade.
Special consideration will be given to medical-related absences; as always, all attendance scenarios will
be reviewed on a case-by-case basis.
Make-up work due to absenteeism
Excused Absences - Students will be responsible for homework and class assignments on the day they
return to class. Students are responsible to obtain class notes and any review materials when they are
Make-up Exams
Missing tests or quizzes should be scheduled on the day the student returns to school. Ordinarily, the
test or quiz will be made up the day of their return to class unless stated otherwise in department
policies. Students missing days prior to a test or quiz are responsible for getting notes and will take the
test/quiz on scheduled day. If a student is observed missing test days on a frequent basis a conference
will be required.
Unexcused Tardies/ Absences
  •  All students who arrive late to school must sign in at the attendance desk in the main office prior to being admitted to class. Behavioral jug will be assigned for unsupported tardies before the first period. The Deans will determine whether or not the tardy will be supported.
  •  All students who are tardy for other classes within the first 10 minutes during the day will receive an automatic JUG from their teacher.
  •  Students who are late 10 minutes or more for a class will be given an unexcused/unsupported absence.
  •  No student who follows the attendance directives should appear on the unsupported absence list. If a student does appear on that list, and this in error, the student must see the Student Life Assistant on that school day.
  •  A student’s parent may excuse up to 5 tardies per semester for car trouble, traffic, weather, etc. Once a student has 5 tardies, a mandatory meeting with the parent, student and Dean to discuss a plan for improvement will occur. Any additional tardies will be unexcused unless a student has a medical appointment and brings a note from his/her doctor upon coming to school. Each      unexcused tardy automatically receives an after school jug. Additional academic consequences may occur depending on individual teacher classroom policies.
  •  If a student has an absence that is not supported by a parent (e.g. a skipped class, sleeping in, missing class to complete homework) the following disciplinary consequences shall be applied:
  •  An "Offense" is considered a single UA period. Thus, a student who skips periods 1 & 2 on the same day would have two offenses.
Unexcused Absence Consequences
  • Loss of all academic credit for material due or completed in the period(s) missed.
  • First Offense per Academic Year- Level 1 Sanction
  • Second Offense per Academic Year- Level 2 Sanction
  • Third Offense per Academic Year- Level 3 Sanction
If a student accumulates three Unsupported Absences in a single school year, he or she will be placed on Disciplinary Probation. The student and his/her Parents or Guardians will need to meet with Administrators to create a plan to prevent further such absences. Additional Unexcused Absences will jeopardize the students continued enrollment at Gonzaga Prep. 
Missing work due to Unexcused Absences:
Any work missed as a result of unexcused absences will not be accepted for credit. 
Sick Room Policy
Students who report to the main office due to illness, must immediately sign in with office staff and contact their parents or guardians to receive permission to miss a limited amount of class time in the sick room. If parental approval is granted, students may remain in the sick room for no longer than 20 minutes before being sent back to class. If the student is still ill they must contact parents or their emergency contact for approval to be dismissed or picked up. We cannot keep ill students in the sick room for extended time. If you are unable to get your student, you will need to make arrangements for another trusted adult to pick up your student. 
Athletic and Activity Rules and Attendance
A student is ineligible for any game, practice or activity if he or she is absent from one or more class periods on a given day. Exceptions will be granted for appropriately pre-arranged situations e.g., medical appointments or funerals, with a call or note received prior to the day in question.