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School Dances

These policies emerge from our shared mission in promoting the Catholic Christian values that recognize the dignity and self-worth of all people. Within this setting, dances are viewed as an opportunity for students to socialize in a supervised and safe environment. Student behavior and manner of dress should reflect this guiding principle.
Dance Regulations
  • Students are not admitted without a current Gonzaga Prep ASB card.
  • Students/guests must arrive by 10 p.m. and may leave at any time. However, once a student leaves, he/she may not re-enter. All dances end by 11 p.m.
  • Guests must fill out the guest form and turn it into the Deans’ Office one day before the dance. Guest forms may be found online under the Student section. 
  • A Gonzaga Prep student can have only one guest from another high school.
  • Large jackets, purses, and backpacks may be inspected by school personnel before admittance to the dance. Students are encouraged to leave purses and backpacks at home as the school cannot monitor them during the dance. Students bring valuables at their own risk.
  • Upon reasonable suspicion, a breathalyzer may be used.
  • For the duration of the dance, students will be expected to be mindful of the principles that guide Gonzaga Prep’s dress code. Students are expected to be clean and neat in their personal appearance, observing standards of modesty, moderation, and good taste. 
  • All dance styles must comply with standards of Christian morality, standards that include modesty and safety. School personnel will be the final judge of the appropriateness of dance style. School personnel will confront any student behavior or dancing deemed inappropriate. Inappropriate dancing includes, but is not limited to, the following: slam dancing, grinding, break-dancing, moshing, “freaking”, suggestive, or otherwise inappropriate or dangerous dancing.
  • See Substance Abuse Policy
  • Students violating any of these rules may have their parents phoned and may be asked to leave the dance. Students who are in violation of school policies will also be subject to school disciplinary procedures up to and including expulsion.
  • All students in attendance must provide their ASB card upon request from school personnel. In the event of any violation of these regulations or any other behavior deemed inappropriate, the dean of the guest's school will be notified of the incident.
Please note that Prep may modify the dress requirements for a theme dance or formal. In such circumstances, the school will provide clear instructions regarding the expectations for a particular dance.
Parents & Guardians should note that Prep’s only off-campus dances or mixers are the Knight Flight Dance (fall), the Spring Prom, and—possibly—the Winter Semi-Formal. Prep does not sponsor or sanction dances, etc. held in local clubs, etc.
I acknowledge that I have read and agreed to the terms set forth above. My digital signature must be
submitted by the first day of school. This form will be available for signature in Skyward HERE.