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Dress Code Policy

Prep has six reasons for defining standards for student appearances:
1. To encourage students to respect each other for who they are, not for the content of their
2. To discourage fashion competition among students.
3. To reduce distractions in the learning environment.
4. To identify non-Gonzaga Prep students on campus during the school day.
5. To allow more consistent application of the rules by staff and administration.
6. To send a strong message to all students that challenges cultural pressures that objectivity and
     exploit young people.
General Guidelines:
Students shall be fully clothed in neat, clean and modest attire. Clothing must be free of tears, holes,
frayed edges. It must not mock the dress code. No undergarments are ever to be visible. The Deans of
Students are the final arbiters of the dress code and physical appearance.
Parental Note: We feel that it is not only the school's responsibility to determine the student dress code;
but, also the student and parent's responsibility to adhere to a dress code that is conducive to a proper
learning environment. Ultimately modesty should prevail, not the latest in fashion trends. We appreciate
your attention to, concern with, and responsibility for the manner in which your child dresses for
learning. Dress code violators will be asked to change into appropriate attire immediately. If they are
unable to do so, the student will either be sent home to change or appropriate attire may be dropped off
at the school. Any class time missed due to inappropriate dress will not be excused.
Tops: The top must be of appropriate fit and must be long enough to remain tucked in when both arms
are raised to the shoulder height. Plain white undergarment t-shirts may not be worn alone by either
gender. Trench coats may not be worn. Shirts with cut-outs on shoulders or backs, off -the-shoulder shirts are not allowed. Students may wear these types of shirts or tops:
  •  those with collars, buttons and sleeves which do not reveal any cleavage at any time
  •  a collarless shirt with sleeves and a neckline which does not reveal any cleavage at any time,
  •  turtlenecks or mock turtlenecks with sleeves
  •  hooded sweatshirts may be worn as long as the hood stays down and not on top of the head.
Pants & Shorts: Pants and shorts must be of appropriate fit, and free of large logos or messages. Shorts
must have at least a 7” in-seam. Never allowed: Yoga pants, jeggings, athletic shorts, athletic pants,
sweats, military pants, velour/cashmere pants; hospital and pajama pants are also never allowed.
Skirts, Dresses, and Leggings:
Besides the above, students may also wear skirts or one-piece dresses. Students should wear skirts with
an approved top. Skirts and dresses must be knee length while standing upright. Slits cannot be more
than three inches above the knee. Leggings may be worn under dresses and skirts. Leggings may not be
worn with only shirts and tops. Dresses must have sleeves. Necklines must not reveal cleavage at any
Shoes: Appropriate shoes must be worn at all times. Slippers or shoes resembling slippers may not be
worn. Dress heels must not exceed 3 inches in height.
Messages & Logos: At school or at school related events, logos, messages or graphics containing anti-
religious messages, sexual innuendos, profanity or drug/alcohol references, and violent images, should
never be worn. Such messages conflict with the values of Gonzaga Preparatory School. All clothing
bearing Gonzaga Prep’s name or logo must be approved by the administration.
Hair & Headwear: As a matter of courtesy, hats, hoods, headbands and bandanas are to be removed
inside all school buildings. Hair, including facial hair, must be neat, clean, of a natural human hair color,
neatly groomed, and must not be distracting. (e.g. Mohawks, symbols shaved in, dreadlocks).
Facial hair must be neatly groomed and may not be styled in ways deemed distracting by school
Hairstyles may not fall below the eyebrows when combed straight forward (eyes must be visible with
all styles.) If a student’s hairstyle is deemed unacceptable, they will have until the following Monday
to remedy the situation.
Piercing & Jewelry:
Earrings (1-2) per ear; small stud allowed in nose. Non-distracting accessories can be worn. No earring in
lip, brow, etc. No gauges. The School Administration reserves the right to determine when such
piercings or other jewelry are excessive, distracting, or in conflict with the spirit of Gonzaga Prep’s Dress
Code. Students will be asked to remove such jewelry and not to wear it again.
Violations of the dress code will result in the following disciplinary actions:
  • Students found in violation of the dress code may be given a verbal correction, procedural Jug and/or will be required to change their attire to meet the code. If preparations cannot be made or the student refuses to make them, a student may be Emergency Removed.
  • After the third violation a student will be Emergency Removed. (Gonzaga Prep’s dress code allows greater freedom than do those of most other Jesuit high schools. Students who are not cooperative when asked to comply with the dress code will incur more serious consequences.)
  • Clubs, Teams, etc. who wish to wear special clothing on some days must secure the approval of the Deans of Students at least 24 hours in advance.
Relaxed Dress Code Days
There may be days during the school year when the dress code is relaxed and on those days students may wear sweats and/or warm-ups or other more casual clothes as described by the Dean’s Office. Yoga pants, jeggings, running shorts or athletic shorts and any excessively tight clothing are never allowed.
Liturgy Dress Days
There will be days during the school year when students and faculty are required to “dress-up”. The minimum requirement for boys and girls is khaki pants and polo shirts. Belts are required with polos tucked in. Denim pants or jeans should not be worn. Appropriate socks and shoes are also required. Currently scheduled liturgy dress days include, but may not be limited to, the Mass of the Holy Spirit, the
Advent Mass, the Marian Mass, and the Awards Assembly. 
Skirts or dresses that are knee length or longer when standing can be worn with appropriate tops. Dress
slacks or corduroys may also be worn with appropriate tops, such as collared dress shirts, properly
buttoned. Shirts must remain tucked in. Cargo pants, denim, and shorts are not allowed.