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Drug & Alcohol Task Force


Gonzaga Prep expects all students to be substance-free.
Off Campus Student Conduct – Use and/or Possession of Drugs and/or Alcohol
Students known to have used illegal substances off campus will be referred to their school counselor and be required to undergo prescribed treatment. Students present, for an extended time, at an event where drugs or alcohol are being used may also be subject to the policies of this handbook.

Possession & Use of Drugs and/or Alcohol or Drug Paraphernalia
Students in the possession of and / or under the influence of illicit drugs, controlled substances and/or alcohol on campus during the school day (7 a.m. to 5 p.m.) or at any school-sponsored activities or events and/or willfully associating with such activity will incur the following consequences. A breathalyzer may be used upon reasonable suspicion of consumption or at the discretion of the administrators present. The minimum consequence may be: Level 4 Sanction, mandatory Drug/Alcohol Assessment, referral to school counselor, and any required treatment; law enforcement agencies will be notified.

Sale of Illegal Drugs and/or Drug Paraphernalia
Any use of the school, the immediate neighborhood, or the site of a school activity as a base to conduct sales and transference or distribution of controlled substances and/or drug paraphernalia on or off campus is not tolerated. Students who violate the school’s drug/alcohol policy by selling, offering to sell, arranging to sell or distribute illicit drugs to another Gonzaga Prep student, and / or purchasing or accepting controlled or counterfeit substances, prescription drugs or inhalants will be expelled. Law enforcement agencies will be notified.

Drug Paraphernalia
Drug paraphernalia is any equipment, product or material of any kind which is intended or designed for use in manufacturing, compounding, converting, concealing, producing, processing, preparing, injecting, ingesting, inhaling, or otherwise introducing into the human body a controlled substance. This includes but is not limited to pipes, water pipes (hookahs), rolling papers, roach clips, scales, electronic cigarettes and vaporizers. Since these items can be used for drugs other than nicotine, Gonzaga Prep views electronic cigarette and vaporizer possession as a drug violation. (See handbook for penalties for alcohol and drug violations).

Drug Testing
Students shall be subject to expulsion for refusing to submit to a school-requested alcohol breath-analyzing test or to a school-mandated laboratory substance screening. Failure to take either test in good faith will be deemed a refusal.

Smoking and chewing tobacco are health hazards. Moreover, the possession of tobacco products by those under 18 is illegal. Thus, the use and/or possession of such are prohibited on campus, near campus, and at school-sponsored activities.
The consequence may be:
  • First Offense - Level 1 Sanction, referral to a counselor and any prescribed treatment.
  • Second Offense - Level 2 Sanction
  • Third Offense - Level 3 Sanction
  • Fourth Offense - Level 4 Sanction
  • Fifth Offense - Expulsion

Circumstances of each instance will affect the severity of the consequences.
Prescription oral medications needed during the school day are to be Administered in the Main Office. Medications must be stored in the original container and with the doctor’s written instructions included. Written parental permission to dispense medications must be on file. Students are forbidden to distribute any medications prescription or over-the-counter) to anyone else.