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JUG When & Where

JUG/Sanction Detention Formats
Procedural Jug/Lunch Jug: Lunch JUG begins with the student checking in with the Jug supervisor in the Student Center at the start of the lunch period. Students serving lunch JUG will be given time to eat their lunch at the Deans’ Table. JUG students will assist the Deans and custodians in student center cleanup for the lunch period. Lunch Jug must be completed at the lunch immediately following the offense. Failure to complete a Procedural Jug results in a Behavioral Jug.

Behavioral Jug/After School Jug: JUG begins at 2:40-3:10 or ten minutes after the last scheduled class period or assembly on Tuesday- Friday in the Library. JUG will last 30 minutes. After school Jug must be completed on the day of, or the next day after the offense. Failure to complete a Behavioral Jug results in a Sanction.

Sanction: Sanction (“Saturday JUG”) begins at 7 a.m. and concludes at 9 a.m. If a student is late or performs his/her work poorly, additional Sanctions may be issued. Given the serious nature of Saturday sanction, it is assigned only by an administrator. A sanction is scheduled at the convenience of the school and takes precedence over any personal plans a student or the family may have made. Accumulation or assignment of three or more sanctions in any given semester may require a conference of administrators and Parents / Guardians which may include placing the student on a behavioral contract. Upon breach of a behavioral contract the Deans may recommend the Student Governing Board to review the student’s continued enrollment status. Failure to complete a Sanction means the student is liable for suspension. A student may not return to school without a parent/guardian meeting if a sanction is missed.

If a student is late to any JUG / Sanction or performs his/her work poorly, additional JUG / Sanction may be issued. The following lists are NOT exhaustive. School Administrators reserve the right to adapt these standards in light of the severity, consequences, etc. of situations.
Procedural Jug/ Lunch Jug will be assigned for the following reasons:
  • Being less than one minute late to class
  • Dress code violation (1st violation)
  • Food / Drink in hallway
  • Chewing gum (1st violation)
  • Parking tag violations
  • Failure to sign in/ out
  • Failure to excuse an absence/tardy in a timely fashion
  • Inappropriate use of electronic devices (1st violation)

Behavioral Jug/After School Jug will be assigned for the following reasons:
  • Being between 1 and 10 minutes late to class
  • Class disruption
  • Chewing gum (2nd violation)
  • Disrespect
  • Use of abusive or inappropriate language
  • Reckless or dangerous behavior
  • Minor disruption of assemblies or liturgies 12
  • Failure to complete a Procedural Jug
  • Littering in the hall or student center
  • “Turtling” (the act of turning one’s backpack inside out)
  • Dress code violation (2nd violation)
  • Inappropriate use of electronic devices (2nd violation)
Sanction (“Saturday JUG”) will be assigned for the following reasons:
  • Missing 10 or more minutes of a class
  • Dress Code Violation (3rd violation)
  • Insubordination (Repeated disrespect; refusal to comply with adult direction)
  • Bullying or Hazing
  • Integrity violation
  • Sexual Misconduct
  • Failure to serve a Behavioral JUG
  • Inappropriate use of technology of electronic devices (3rd violation)
Types of Sanctions
Level 1 Sanction: shall mean one two hour Saturday workday at Gonzaga Prep beginning at 7 a.m. and concluding at 9 a.m., or as otherwise determined by the Deans.
Level 2 Sanction: shall mean two consecutive two-hour Saturday workdays
Level 3 Sanction: shall mean three consecutive two-hour Saturday workdays. The student will be placed on Disciplinary Probation if 3 such sanctions are received in one semester.
Level 4 Sanction: shall mean four consecutive two-hour Saturday work days. The student will be placed on Disciplinary Probation/ Contract. Parent/Guardian shall receive formal notice of the Level 4 Sanction.

A second Level 4 Sanction in one calendar year from when the infraction occurs may result in expulsion.

Expulsion shall mean the discontinued enrollment of a student at Gonzaga Prep.

Student Governing Board
In the event that a violation of school policy could warrant expulsion, a student governing board consisting of the Deans of Students, a Vice Principal, and two faculty members may be convened by the Dean’s. The student and parent/guardian shall receive formal notice of the convening of the Student Governing Board and the Student Governing Board procedures, which includes the student’s chance to be heard. The Principal will inform the parents and student of his decision including the reason(s) for expulsion and procedures for requesting an Appeal.
Note: For serious offenses, such as distribution of controlled substances, stealing/possession of stolen property, weapons violation or willful harm/assault, a student may be dismissed at the discretion of the Principal without convening the Student Governing Board. Additionally, whenever criminal law is violated, Gonzaga Prep may refer the situation to the Spokane Police Department.