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Extended Absence Policy

Semester Exam Attendance Policy
Any student who is absent on a semester exam day in December and/or May for the purpose of a trip or vacation or similar reasons will receive a failing grade for the semester exam grade in the subjects missed. A student who misses an exam day for legitimate illness or very serious reasons, such as a funeral or a sibling graduation, will be allowed to make up his/her exams upon approval of the Academic Vice- Principal. Gonzaga Prep does not give semester exams earlier than the regularly scheduled exam period. Families should plan vacations and travel with this policy in mind.
Extending Vacations during School Breaks
Parents and students especially need to understand that any choice to extend vacation times, whether at the start of school, in October, Thanksgiving, Christmas or Spring Break, will bring about serious issues regarding attendance. Students and parents who choose to extend vacation periods could be jeopardizing the student’s grade because of absenteeism and should seriously consider those choices ahead of time. Gonzaga Prep will not accept responsibility for providing special assignments and examinations for students not in attendance because of family vacations. Also review the Semester Exam Attendance Policy above.
Appointments/ Leaving Campus
Students should avoid scheduling appointments during school hours and all- school Mass times. When such an appointment is made, the Student Life Assistant must be notified by phone or note prior to the student’s appointment. For physician’s appointments a student must bring a physician's note upon returning to school.
  • The student should come to the Main Office and get a note from the Student Life Assistant excusing them from class.
  • The student should present the note to the teacher, if the appointment time is during class.
  • Students must sign out before leaving and sign in, should they return before the end of the school. Failure to do so will result in a procedural JUG will be given.
Pre-Arranged Absences
  • For all pre-arranged absences, including those related to a school activity, the student is to notify each teacher and make arrangements prior to the absence for homework and missed exams. Failure to do so may result in an academic penalty.

  • In cases where an extended absence of 3 or more days are planned, the student is required to print an Extended Absence Form. This form requires a parent or guardian signature, signatures from teachers, and the Academic Vice-Principal. It must be returned to the Deans' Office for approval prior to the absence. Failure to complete the form may have academic consequences.

Accumulated Absences
A student will be sent a letter after 10 absences in a class per semester (excused or unexcused) requesting a written explanation of absences and plan for improvement. After 15 absences in a class (excused or unexcused), a student will only be eligible to receive a Pass/Fail grade in the course. After 20 absences in a single class, a student will be withdrawn from the course and receive a failing grade. Special consideration will be given to medical-related absences; as always, all attendance scenarios will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis.