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Senior Ignatian day retreats

January TBD and February TBD, 2020
The Senior Ignatian Day retreats provide members of the student class the opportunity to expand their search for God in all things during the school day hours. Students will attend a retreat on both Thursday and Friday in lieu of their normal class schedule. The will apply in the fall prior to the retreats to attend one of the following:
Searching for God in Art (meets both Thursday and Friday). Students will visit Gonzaga University on Thursday to examine the Christian art on the campus and remain at Prep on Friday to create their own artwork with Mrs. Hall and Mr. Boyle. 
Prayer and Movement: (Thursday or Friday) Through the direction of Mrs. Patricia McArdle, students will experience the intersection of prayer and movement through practice. Students may attend on Thursday or Friday. 
The Spiritual Exercises on Campus: A day-long version of the Magis retreat, students are further led through the Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius in our own Chapel of the Three Companions by Mr. Barfield. This is an ideal choice for students with evening responsibilities who are interested in the Magis retreat. 
A visit to Christ's Kitchen: (on Thursday only) Students will visit Christ's Kitchen in Spokane to learn how the gospel is lived out in service in our own community at this soup kitchen, guided by Mrs. Sabata.
A visit to the Islamic Center of Spokane: (On Friday only) On this retreat, students are introduced to Islam through a presentation provided by Dr. Siebeking from Gonzaga University and a visit to the Islamic Center of Spokane to observe traditional prayer, led by Mr. Pizelo. 
Only Searching for God in Art, Christ's Kitchen and the Visit to the Islamic center require permission slips. All students should report to the retreat location they have been assigned at the regular start of the school day for attendance. If students are unable to attend on the day of their retreat, a parent/guardian must call the front desk absence line to excuse them. (509) 483-8513