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Gonzaga Prep Financial Information

Financial Highlights for 2017-18

Enrollment:  We are projecting the 2017-18 enrollment to be approximately 855 students.

Tuition:  As part of our annual budget process, we work very hard to keep the annual tuition increases as low as possible.   For many years now, we have maintained the annual tuition increase within a narrow 3% - 5% range.  Approximately 60% of our students' access Fair Share Tuition, making the range of Fair Share Tuition paid from $2,275 up to $12,440, depending on the family's gross income and financial position.
Revenue Sources:  Tuition and Fees are our primary source of revenue.  However, we also benefit greatly from donations to the Annual Fund from alumni, parents and other benefactors.  In addition, the Gonzaga Prep Foundation provides support annually for our Fair Share Tuition program.
Expenses by Function:  Instructional departments and Organized Activities (student clubs and athletic teams) account for 74% of the School's total expenses.  Facilities costs and the related debt service payments account for an additional 14% of the total budget.  Administration and general institutional expenses include the Treasurer's and Development offices, as well as the office of the President, plus other things like property and liability insurance and postage expense.
Expenses by Type:  Faculty and Staff salaries and benefits account for 82% of total expenses.  For many years, the Board of Directors and the Administration has committed to compensate our faculty based on equivalent scales that Washington State provides for faculty in public schools.
Projections:    As stewards of your tuition funds and of the generous contributions from many benefactors, the faculty, staff and administration work very hard to be efficient and spend our budgets wisely.  We believe the Fair Share Tuition program benefits all students and families who attend Gonzaga Prep.   It is important to us to be transparent with our finances and we provide this projection for future years - this is our best guess on what the enrollment, tuition, and expenses will be over the next four years.  Each year, we strive for a balanced budget.  Our hope is that this information helps in your family's budgeting process while you have students at Gonzaga Prep, and provides trust and credibility in the School's financial management.
Thank you for your trust in us.  We pledge to be good stewards of our resources.   Please call the Treasurer's Office if you have any questions about the School's finances.