Gonzaga Preparatory School

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Student Fees:  All students pay an annual fee to cover the ASB card, yearbook, retreats, locks, national tests, class consumables and materials, math and language textbook subscriptions, Naviance College Planning program, and graduation.  
2019-20 Student Fees    $320

Facility/Technology Fee:
  All students pay a Facility/Technology Fee of $225 annually.  This fee is used to maintain our campus facilities and the technology infrastructure.

Other Fees:  Additional fees may be charged, depending on the student's class schedule:
AP Exam Fee    $95 per exam
College in High School Credit   $200 - $350 per class, paid to the college granting the credit
International Student Services Fee  $1,000 per year
Online US History (Summer & Fall)   $300 per semester
Online Honors Geometry (Summer & Fall) $300 per semester

Tuition Account Fees:
Credit Card Surcharge 2.79%
Billing Fee $40 per year (waived if an approved payment method is selected)
Returned Payment Fee $25 per returned check/electronic fund transfer
Late Fee 1% per month on past due balances