Gonzaga Preparatory School

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Student Fees:  All students pay an annual fee to cover the ASB card, yearbook, retreats, locks, national tests, class consumables and materials, Naviance College Planning program, and graduation.  
 Student Fees for 2017-18:   Freshman  $255  per year
    Sophomore $255  per year
    Junior $275  per year
    Senior $315  per year

Facility/Technology Fee:
  All students pay a Facility/Technology Fee of $225 annually.  This fee is used to maintain our campus facilities and the technology infrastructure.

Other Fees:  Additional fees may be charged, depending on the student's class schedule:
AP Exam Fee    $93 per exam
College in High School Credit   $200 - $350 per class, paid to the college granting the credit
International Student Services Fee  $1,000 per year
Community Service (Summer)  $300 per class
Online US History (Summer & Fall)   $300 per semester
Online Honors Geometry (Summer & Fall) $300 per semester

Tuition Account Fees:
Credit Card Surcharge 2.79%
Billing Fee $40 per year (waived if an approved payment method is selected)
Returned Payment Fee $25 per returned check/electronic fund transfer
Late Fee 1% per month on past due balances