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New Bullpup Next Steps

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Congratulations to our New Student Transfers and the Incoming Class of 2026!
Our Admissions Committee found so much joy in reading your applications, and we are incredibly proud of our incoming Bullpups! We are particularly impressed with the strength and resilience you have shown as students in a post-COVID world. The Gonzaga Prep community is excited to welcome you as you embark on your high school journey, and we are committed to walking with you every step of the way!
Please use this website as a resource for the enrollment process. Our main form of communication with admitted student families is via parent/guardian email; please contact us if you are not receiving correspondence.
FRESHMEN: AUGUST 24th & 25th, 2022, 9 am to noon
TRANSFER STUDENTS: AUGUST 25th, 2022, 10:15 am to noon
AUGUST 31st, 2022, 8 am
New Student Orientation
Additional details will be posted soon!


Please visit our WEBSITE for information regarding the start of fall sports. If your student is participating in a sport this year, please be sure to schedule a sports physical with your physician and fill out the Athletic Forms prior to the start of practices. 

A full-size iPad is required for every student at Gonzaga Prep.


Roughly 85% of the textbooks your student will use are digital. Many of these textbooks are free or included in your tuition and fees. This allows us to no longer use a third-party vendor for textbooks so we can bring the price down for families. New this year-in the first week of classes your student’s teachers will tell your students which books are required for each course. 

School Supplies

Please make sure you have purchased an iPad for your student before orientation. You can find the specifications here. For school supplies, teachers will tell students what is needed the first week of classes. Please have your student bring pens, pencils, and paper. Folders, binders and so forth can be purchased once your student knows what is required.  


Please complete your enrollment packet online so that we can upload your student's information. Skyward is Gonzaga Prep’s school information system that you will use to see your student’s schedule, check grades, complete athletic forms, and much more. The directions to access your Skyward account are emailed to parents/guardians of accepted students. If you have questions about accessing accounts, please call (509) 483-8512 or email [email protected]

Add a carpool or join an existing one!  If you would like to opt into the private directory for new incoming families, please contact [email protected].
Transitioning to High School In addition to Orientation, we support students’ transition to high school through their Freshman Seminar course titled Academic BASE. Please see the infographic below for information about how this course supports each student. 
Once you have completed your enrollment packet, our registrar will reach out to you to schedule your advising appointment. 
Virtual Enrollment Packet: Everything You Need to Know!
Access the Enrollment Packet HERE
Couldn't attend Pup-A-Palooza or Spring Fling?
Download the Parent Packet:
HONORS TESTING: For students seeking entrance to honors classes.

No RSVP required

✔ Please try to be 10 minutes early for the check-in process

✔ Tests take approximately 1 hour to complete

✔ Please bring a No. 2 pencil

✔ Calculators are allowed for Geometry only

For students entering the Class of 2026, honors testing is offered on the Gonzaga Prep campus for the following subject areas.




MATH: Algebra and Geometry (If you are currently in Geometry, please take both the Algebra and Geometry exams.)


Algebra Proficiency Exam Review


WORLD LANGUAGES (Latin or Spanish): This test is not to be placed in HONORS, but rather to be placed in second- or third-year language courses


To schedule an honors placement test or if you have not yet registered for classes, please contact Rana Thomas, Registrar, at [email protected]. *Please note that all honors tests will be given in the Counseling Center.


For questions about registration and placement, as well as other subject testing options, please contact Derek Duchesne, Academic Vice-Principal, at [email protected].



We know you may have questions along the way and will keep this website up-to-date as information for your incoming student becomes available. 
Please reach out if you need information regarding the next steps:
Alix Lee, Director of Admissions
Sulochana Abeid, Assistant Director of Admissions
509.483.8511 x223
Amber Mocalis, Tuition Manager
(509) 483.8511 x332