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Placement Exam



All applicants to the ninth grade are required to take the High School Placement Test (HSPT) as part of the admission process. The placement exam is administered during our office hours: Monday - Friday, 8:00 am - 3:00 pm. The HSPT is a three-hour exam, so the exam must begin no later than 12:00 pm.

To schedule the placement exam, please contact Andrea McIntyre at admissions@gprep.com or (509) 483-8511.  

The Placement Exam is $25. Please bring check or cash at the beginning of the exam.

FAQ Regarding the HSPT
What is the HSPT exam? 
The High School Placement Test is used by Catholic schools as a placement test within their schools. This test is developed by Scholastic Testing Service (STS). 


What is on HSPT Exam?
The test consists of 5 sections: verbal, quantitative, reading, math, and language sections. All of the sections are multiple choice, and they each have a different amount of time allotted to them. 
What is the writing sample? 
Each student will be asked to write an essay about their desire to attend Gonzaga Prep. Students may practice ahead of time, but will not be allowed to use notes during the test. Students are given 30 minutes for the essay portion of the test.
Can I use a calculator?
No, calculators are not allowed.
Where can I find more information regarding the HSPT? 
Please visit the Scholastic Testing Service website for more information. 

Gonzaga Prep is not a public testing center. We use the exam results for our purposes only. We, therefore, regret that if your student does not enroll at Gonzaga Prep, we will be unable to release the exam results.

For questions regarding the admissions process or the placement exam, please email Corrina Kelsey at ckelsey@gprep.com