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What is DI? 
Simply, D.I. is a creative problem-solving club.

Specifically, destination imagination (D.I.) is a club that utilizes STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) and art principles to tackle unique challenges, presented every year. Past challenges have had teams show how the disappearance of a color affects a world, build a device that can move a team member across a stage, and write a musical with a spectacle and set change. The team then competes by presenting their innovative solution in a times sketch which they rehearse and perfect over the course of many weeks.

Each D.I. team consists of 2-7 members that work all year to brainstorm, craft, and present their solutions by spring. Along with the long-term central challenge, teams must compete in an Instant Challenge (I.C.). Teams don't know what the I.C. holds before going in. Teams must improvise with only minutes to build, act, or communicate creatively to complete the challenge.

Teams have the opportunity to compete at regional, state, and international competitions by placing first in their challenge and age group. Throughout Gonzaga Prep's history, teams have attended Global Finals a number of times.

Mike Carroll, [email protected]
Challenge yourself... Join DI
Think you have what it takes to be a DIer? Come talk to any of the current DI members or Mr. Carroll and ask anything you want to ask about DI. If you are interested, try-it-outs happen at the beginning of every year, and they require a mini-central challenge. During the try-it-outs, you will practice Instant Challenges and other fun activities that will help you learn more about the program and hopefully peak your interest.