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Parochial Fall Session 2018

Gonzaga Prep's fall wrestling program exists
to provide a unique foundational wrestling
opportunity for members of local parochial
schools and Catholic parishes.
We strive to provide an experience that 
is fun, positive, and formative.
  • Quality, caring coaching from dedicated volunteer coaches
  • A Gonzaga Prep wrestling T-Shirt
  • 3 tournaments
      Mondays & Wednesdays at All Saints Primary 5:30-7:00.
            All Saints Head Coach: Mike Bradley - mike.bradley@beaconnw.com
      Mondays & Wednesdays at St. Thomas More 5:30-6:30 
            St. Thomas More Head Coach: John Crosby - bigjcrosby@gmail.com
      Mondays & Fridays at St. Aloysius 7:00-8:00.
            St. Aloysius Head Coach: Chris Weichman - beunstoppable325@gmail.com
      Mondays & Wednesdays at St. John Vianney 6:00-7:00 
            St. John Head Coach: Chris Healy - healy1618@comcast.net
November 18 at Gonzaga Prep - takedown jamboree
December 2 at Gonzaga Prep 
December 9 at Gonzaga Prep 
All tournaments begin at 1:00. Please arrive between 12:00 and 12:30 to register for each tournament. The November 18 event will end by 2:00. The two December events will end between 3:00 and 3:30.
Registration is now open for Fall 2018. 
Regular registration is $35.
Scholarships available.
Questions: e-mail Danny Pearson - dpearson@gprep.com