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An Art Book Tribute to Caitlin Packer

Caitlin Anne PACKER (1983 - 2017)

e Goal:
  • Produce a book that exemplifies the beauty and life that Mrs. Packer brought to her students through a love of art.
  • In the words of a current senior: "We will always hold the memories of her constant kindness and care for all around her. She inspired me always, and helped me to see that any art that inspires you, or is expression of yourself, is worth doing."

What will be in it:
  • The book will be filled with the artwork and written word of students with names of students and graduation year.
  • Artwork created under the instruction or influence of Mrs. Packer. (a sentence or two could be included with the artwork if desired)
  • If you are unable to find a piece of artwork, please submit an image of a handwritten note (150- 200 word typed, but handwritten is preferred).

Who is invited to participate:
  • All past or current students Mrs. Caitlin Packer and/or the Gonzaga Prep Art Department who's artwork, love for art, or understand of art in our world has been developed by being a part of the department that Mrs. Packer led.
  • All Gonzaga Prep students who felt the presence and influence of Mrs. Packer through her kind, warm, and welcoming nature and love of finding beauty and art in all things- whether that be through summer art camps, Art Club or Key Club, and/or retreats.
How to send in images:
  • CLICK HERE to access a Google Form
  • Please include your name, graduation year, review the release of artwork, and attach a high resolution image of a piece of artwork or an image of a handwritten note (cell phone photo will do).
  • Please send in your images by December 1, 2017.
A hardbound book will be developed from the collection of these memories and copies will be given to the family of Mrs. Packer.
Thank you for participating in this way to honor and remember the beauty that Mrs. Packer brought to all our lives!

My Sincerest Thanks,
Kate Stillar (kstillar@gprep.com)
Art Teacher