Gonzaga Preparatory School

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Course Sequence

Department Requirements and Course Sequence

Department Requirements

  • Four years of English are required for graduation.
  • The Language Arts course does not count toward graduation.
  • Students may enter the Honors/A.P. courses at any point in their academic careers as long as they satisfy the Honors/A.P. requirements, which include teacher recommendations.
  • Courses designated with a (B) are remedial versions of the college preparatory course.

Course Sequence


College Preparatory Courses *                         

Honors Courses


English I: Intro to Literature & Composition

English I (B): Intro to Literature & Composition

English I (B) & Language Arts


Honors English I: Literature & Composition


English II: World Literature

English II (B): World Literature

Honors English II: World Literature


English III: American Literature

AP English Language and Composition


English IV: British Literature

AP English Literature


* Placement is based on placement test scores and/or teacher recommendations.