Gonzaga Preparatory School

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Religious Expectations

  • All students are expected to participate in the religion courses of the school, which include the community services programs for seniors. (See "Graduation Requirements.")
  • All Freshmen and Sophomores are expected each year to make a retreat at a site and time determined by the Campus Ministry Office. All Juniors are strongly encouraged to make a special weekend retreat called a Search. All Seniors are expected to attend some form of retreat experience during their senior year and are strongly encouraged to attend the weekend Magis retreat.
  • On certain occasions (e.g., Mass of the Holy Spirit, Thanksgiving Mass, Advent Mass, Marian Mass, etc.) all students are required to attend Masses offered for the entire school. Students will not be excused for appointments during all-school masses.
  • On Holy Days of Obligation, students are encouraged to attend Mass during school. Families are always welcome to attend all school masses.
  • Reconciliation services are offered at different times throughout the year. All students are invited to participate.
  • Students are expected to act toward one another, toward adults, and toward the school with respect and charity. This Christian manner of dealing with one another should be manifest in the use of language, and in honesty, good sportsmanship, and concern for one another