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Class of 2016 College Attendance Map

of Prep students go on to college

of Prep students go to a 4-year college

The class of 2016 accepted
$7.7 Million
in Scholarships


Youth Leadership Spokane
is recruiting for the Class of 2019!
If you know a teen who is interested in developing their leadership skills, gaining awareness about the Spokane community and meeting community leaders as a high school student, please share this application with them.

Applications are due May 15th!
2018 YLS
YLS Class of 2018 at retreat at Gonzaga University.
What is YLS?

YLS is a 10-month focused civic leadership training program based on the principles of servant leadership, for high school sophomores, juniors and seniors. Through our growing youth program, students are empowered and inspired to serve each other and their community. Students who participate in YLS demonstrate a commitment to personal growth and exhibit high standards of personal integrity. 
What is the time commitment?
YLS requires students to attend a day-long retreat in August and monthly two-hour evening classes on the fourth Monday of the month, September through May. A community service project is also accomplished during the year. A celebratory leadership commencement is held in June. 

What are the benefits?

  • Learn how to lead better today, by serving others
  • Gain insightful awareness about Spokane and the community
  • Develop community service opportunities
  • Network with community leaders at monthly classes
  • Strengthen communication and interview skills
  • Increase mentorship opportunities
  • Prepare today for college or next steps in life 
What is the cost?
Tuition for YLS is $125, which covers all expenses for the retreat, class materials and graduation. Generous scholarships are available for those with financial need upon request.



Cancer Unwrapped Teen Writing Contest

  • $1,000 cash prize
  • Open to students in grades 9-12 in Washington State
  • Essays must be between 500-2,000 words in length
  • Essays must be submitted in English. If you have any questions, please contact program manager Liz Lange at 206-709-1400 or liz@cancerpathways.org.
  • Deadline: March 11, 2018
Stanford Pre-Collegiate Studies Programs
Stanford is offering a variety of programs for students in grades 7-12. Some examples include a sports business academy, summer humanities institute, summer arts institute, and a Stanford university mathematics camp. To learn more about all of these programs and to apply, please visit 
University of Portland Honors Program:
The mission of the Honors Program is to create a community of scholar-leaders whose desire for excellence, love for the life of the mind, and desire to serve as public intellectuals will be felt by all who work with them. The honors application is separate from the application to the university. New members are accepted on a rolling basis and the priority deadline for applying is February 1st. All Honors application materials and more information can be found at the website www.up.edu/honorsprogram  For questions, please email honors@up.edu
The University of Arizona:Arizona Experience Days:
Register online at go.arizona.edu/arizonaexperience


Jan. 27, 2018

Feb. 19, 2018

March 24, 2018

April 28, 2018

Register now for Alaska Airlines Imagine Tomorrow

May 18-20, 2018


Registration is open!


The Alaska Airlines Imagine Tomorrow challenges 9th through 12th graders to seek new ways to support the transition to sustainability.  Students research complex topics related to sustainability, then innovate technologies, designs, and/or plans to mobilize behavior.  They forge connections in their communities and create positive change.  In this competition, as in life, solutions are limited only by imagination.

Registration will close April 1.  Each school is allowed up to 2 projects per challenge topic with a maximum of 6 projects total.  Register early to hold your spot!

Compete for Cash Prizes!

Over 60 cash awards will honor students, their projects, and their schools.

Show others the power of your ideas

Students in the arts, sciences, engineering, and social sciences discover how to create positive change in their communities.

Register for free!

Housing and dining on campus are free, too, so it costs next to nothing to compete. 

Topics and Challenges

This year, we have three challenges:

  • The Itron Food, Energy, and Water Challenge
  • The Boeing Aerospace and Transportation Challenge
  • The McKinstry Built Environment Challenge 

And four approach options:

  • Technology: Creating a product or employing technology, using the tools of science and engineering, to improve efficiency or reduce demand on natural resources.
  • Design: Creating a design or concept that will reduce the impact on natural resources and support a sustainable future.
  • Behavior/Policy: Creating a plan, through public policy, advocacy, or other means, to change the way people make decisions; improving education, affecting policy, and/or working with communities to create local change.
  • Multi-Approach: Creating a holistic solution, drawing on two or more of the approaches above, to address natural resource challenges.

Choose one challenge and one approach per team. Judges will be looking to be sure you clearly articulate the approach you took to the challenge.  Should you choose the multi-approach route, be sure your project effectively covers each approach you are addressing!


Remember that each school is limited to 2 teams per challenge, with a maximum of 6 teams! 

Be sure to communicate with other advisors and students at your schools to ensure your projects don't exceed this limit!

Questions? Contact competition organizers at imagine@wsu.edu or at 509-335-3530!

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