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Class of 1977

Class of 1977

Our 45th reunion is August 5 AND ... all of us from the class of `77 (see the cosigners below) want you there.
After all … we’re not getting any younger … and we all have some funny memories from 45 years ago.
And … we should celebrate those who can make the reunion, and … those fellow grads no longer with us. 

Here’s what is in store for you:
5-7 p.m.— Meet at Prep. (Do you remember where that is?) Register HERE
6:25 pm Class picture at Prep.
7:30 pm-11 p.m. Meet at Janie (Parker) Slater’s house:
2028 West Clark St., Spokane
More information upcoming.  We each individually agreed to sign this… and hope to see you there!

Very truly yours,
Jerry Tombari
Jerry Bosch
Ray McCanna
Julia Sweeney Blum
Margie (Brasch) Elmore
Gavin Cooley
John Moran
Joe Petretee
Bill Ganz
Tim Thompson
Todd Anderson
Don Moulton
Phil Lenoue
Mike Schmitz
Mark Lehinger
Steve Dehmer
Rick Orth
Pat Owens
Colleen Egan
Tom Diggs
Mike Reilly
Kevin Cronin
Janie (Parker) Slater
John Dyer
Mike Jones
Joe Schroeder
Willie Brown
Rick Reed
Dena (Kelly) Kaplan
Nick Durgan
Tom Perko
Rick Schoen
Pete Chase
Mike McMahon
Ellen Sweeney-Clawson
Marcella (Geraghty) Maile
Mike Dziak
Denny LaRue
Maggie (Welsh) Randall
Kevin Casey
Mary (Moloney) Lenoue
Tom Tansy
Mike Scarpelli
Maureen (Hutton) Olson
Teri (Morgan) Coombs
Pat Cronin
Darcy Kelly
Pete Welk
Jeff Presley
Jerry Wessels
Nancy (Welk) Rudolf