Frequently Asked Questions
updated 8/2007

Note:  Students are required to present their ASB student ID cards to cafeteria cashiers when they charge food purchases to their student accounts.


  1. Where can I check for snow/Inclement school closures Information ?
    Check with the local radio and television stations in the event of a school closure. If the school has a delayed opening or is closed, "Gonzaga Prep" will be included on the local news television and radio school closure listing.  Also, you might wish to check the school's website at www.gprep.com.


  2. Are there any changes to this year's dress code?  Yes
    The only change in dress code for this year involves facial piercings.  They may not be worn during the school day.

    The Handbook now reads: 

    Facial piercings are not allowed at Gonzaga Prep during the school day. Students may wear reasonable size and number of earrings for pierced ears, but the school administration reserves the right to determine when such piercings or other jewelry are distracting or in conflict with the spirit of Gonzaga Prep’s Dress Code. Students will be asked to remove such jewelry and not to wear it again.

    As always, the Deans reserve the right to be the final arbiters of Handbook guidelines.


  3. What about cell phones?
    Cell phones must be kept in lockers and turned off during the school day (Periods 1-6.) However, students may use their phones during the break, the lunch period and before and after school anywhere on campus.  If a cell phone is seen or heard by a teacher any other time during the school day (periods 1-6), it will be confiscated and turned into the Deans' Office and kept there overnight.  Parents will be contacted to retrieve the phone from school at their convenience.  Students will receive a JUG for this offense.

  4. What do I do if I'm absent from school?
    It is the student’s responsibility to have their parent or guardian call the attendance office (509-483-8513) on the day of the absence. G-Prep’s attendance voicemail operates 24 hours a day; the call explaining an absence can be made at any time on the day of the student’s absence.

  5. What do I do if I arrive to school late?
    All students who arrive late to school must sign in at the attendance desk in the main office prior to being admitted to class. The Deans will determine whether or not the tardy will be supported.

  6. What if I'm late for a class during the school day?
    All students who are tardy for other classes during the day will receive an automatic JUG from their teacher.

  7. What if I get a note stating I was absent even though I was in class?
    If there was an error, the student must see the Attendance Secretary immediately.

  8. What if I have to leave school for an appointment?
    The Attendance Secretary must be notified by phone or note prior to the student’s appointment.  Students must sign out before leaving and then sign in, should they return before the end of the school.

  9. Where can I find the Attendance Secretary?
    Her desk is in the main office of the school, across from the library classroom and tech. lab. Her desk is directly to your left as you enter the Main Office.

  10. What is JUG?
    Jug is a term that refers to "detention."   It is held after school  from 2:45-3:30pm or during lunch in the student center. The lunch JUG involves lunchroom cleanup, while the after school JUG includes work around the school.  Students receiving a jug for more serious offenses, such as classroom disruption will be required to serve detention after school.

  11. Where may I eat my lunch or snacks during break or the lunch period? May I eat at my locker?
    All food and drink must be consumed in the student center or outside. No food or drink should be consumed at the student's locker.

   12.  May I bring a friend from another school to a mixer or a formal dance?  Yes.

          Prior to a mixer, there will be a sign-up sheet on the desk of the school receptionist (in the front office.)  You may sign up one guest by providing his or her name, his or her school's name and your name.  Your guest must bring his or her student ID to the dance.  When you purchase tickets for a date dance (Prom, etc.), you will be asked to list your date, his or her school along with your name.  Again, be sure to have your guest bring his or her student ID to the dance.


13.  Are there any Dance rules or expectations:  Of course!

          A complete delineation of dance expectations is to be found in your student planner.  During  dances, students are expected to be mindful of the principles that guide our dress code and other aspects of student behavior.  All dance styles must comply with standards of Christian morality, modesty and safety.  As always, school personnel will be the final judge of the appropriateness of a particular dance style.  In the event of inappropriate behavior at a dance, students will be asked to leave the dance and parents will be notified.

     14.  Are weekly Masses (religious services) mandatory?  No, you may choose to attend if you wish.

Several times a year (Mass of the Holy Spirit, Advent Mass, etc.) the entire school will celebrate a Eucharistic Liturgy (the Catholic Mass) in the gymnasium.  Think of it as a "spiritual pep-con."  For the remainder of the school year, we at Prep celebrate the Mass after Period Three on Fridays.  You will have the choice to attend any or all weekly liturgies.  If you choose not to attend, you will remain in your third period class engaged in quiet study.  We suggest that you give the optional "CSR"  Mass a "try" at least once.  These Friday masses are unique in that they are tailored to the high school adolescent...you.


        15.  Are there any changes to the "JUG" and/or "Sanction" procedures this year?  Yes.

            Jugs will accrue throughout the entire school year.   However, the  system whereby a sanction is awarded at the receipt of a 5th Jug has been changed.  The Handbook now reads:


A. Lunch Jug: Lunch JUG begins with the student checking in with a Dean in the student center at the onset of the lunch period. Students serving lunch JUG will be given time to eat their lunch at the Deans’ Table. JUG students will assist the Deans and custodians in student center cleanup for the lunch period. If a student is late or performs his or her work poorly, additional JUG may be issued.

B. After School Jug: JUG begins at 2:45pm or ten minutes after the last scheduled class period or assembly. JUG will last 45 minutes.

C. Sanction ("Saturday JUG"): Saturday JUG begins at 7 a.m. and concludes at 9 a.m. Given the serious nature of Saturday sanction, it is assigned only by the Dean of Students. Sanction is scheduled at the convenience of the school and takes precedence over any personal plans a student or the family may have made. Accumulation or assignment of three or more sanctions in any given semester will require a conference of administrators and Parents / Guardians. An accumulation of five or more individual sanctions in any given semester may result in expulsion.

Lunch Jug will be assigned for the following reasons:

· Being less than one minute late to class

· Dress code violation

· Food / Drink in hallway

After School Jug will be assigned for the following reasons:

· Being between 1 and 10 minutes late to class

· Class disruption

· Disrespect

· Use of abusive or inappropriate language

· Reckless or dangerous behavior

· Minor disruption of assemblies or liturgies

Sanction ("Saturday JUG") will be assigned for the following reasons:

· Missing 10 or more minutes of a class

· Insubordination (Repeated disrespect; refusal to comply with adult direction)

· Bullying or Hazing

· Academic Dishonesty

· Sexual Misconduct

· Failure to serve JUG

· Serious or repeated disruption of assemblies or liturgies

· Other significant violations of school policy

This list is NOT exhaustive. School Administrators reserve the right to adapt these standards in light of the severity, consequences, etc. of situations.

 16.  Are there any changes with lockers this year? yes.

Due to increased enrollment and other concerns about hallway behavior, student lockers for grades 9-11 will be randomly designated in all of the upstairs hallways.  Senior lockers will remain in the lower hallways.  All student lockers are available for online signup/reservation after August 1st.  The sign-up link is located at http://www.gprep.com.  NOTE WELL:  Students may designate a "locker partner" using the online system in the summer.  The school will then randomly assign you a locker (with a designated partner, if desired).  Seniors are still allowed to choose individual lockers using the online reservation system.  If students choose not to reserve a locker or designate a partner, lockers are randomly assigned.  Once a locker designation is given, no changes will be allowed.


17.  What student information is available online?

Using the school's website link  http://www.gprep.com/smweb/smframe.htm , parents may use their student's ID number and PIN to access the following information: their student's grades, attendance, current schedule, cafeteria card balance, physical exam expiration date, and under "guidance," a listing of discipline letters (sanctions, accumulated absences) sent home by the Deans, and a listing of jugs or detentions served by the student.


18.  May I eat lunch behind the school, in the bleachers?  No. 

The following locations are designated as being "out of bounds" for unsupervised students:  the entire south side of the school, including the football/soccer fields, baseball and softball fields, and bleachers on both sides.  Students are also asked to stay out of any construction zones on campus.  Students shall not be allowed to remain in classrooms during lunch, before or after school, unless a teacher is present.  Students may eat their lunches in the grassy areas in the front of the school, near the counseling wing and in the courtyard near the entrance to the gym.  Please keep these areas neat and clean by throwing trash in the provided receptacles. 


19.  Any other changes in this year's planner? yes.

Under substance and alcohol, the following has been added:

Students found in possession or under the influence of drugs or alcohol during the school day (7 a.m. to 5 p.m.) on school grounds will receive a Level 5 Sanction.

Under the section entitled,  "Academic Dishonesty," there is an entirely new set of policies that shall be implemented this school year.  Students are strongly encouraged to read this section located at the front of their assignment planners.

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