Occupational Education

Occupational Education Department

Department Philosophy: The occupational education department believes that cura personalis is important to the development of Ignatian leaders. To achieve this, the students will be given educational opportunities to develop self-sufficiency and life-long interests. Through these studies students will develop manual dexterity through hands-on activities, become knowledgeable consumers, develop written communication skills, and improve their technological skills.

Department Requirements: 2 semesters required for graduation.

Course Descriptions: 

Single Survival This course includes food preparation, personal finance, and sewing.  Some specialites include Mexican, Chinese, Italian and gourmet cooking.  Course fee.

Life Skills

This course is designed to give the students an overview of the accounting cycle and provides a foundation for more advanced accounting courses.

Advanced Accounting


Yearbook The yearbook class includes preparing the yearbook pages, designing the cover, preparing artwork, and soliciting advertising. Prerequisites: junior, senior.

Teacher Assistant

P.E. Assistant

Office Assistant

Vocational Skills Center The Spokane Area Vocational Skills Center is available for enrollment to Gonzaga Prep juniors and seniors. Students take three required core courses at Prep and then attend the Skills Center for half of the day. Interested students should see their counselor in the spring for applications to the center. Prerequisites: junior, senior, counselor permission.

Gonzaga University Dual Enrollment Students may enroll concurrently in courses at Gonzaga University. Prerequisites: Junior, Senior, 3.0 GPA, counselor permission. Course fee ($110/class, $25 matriculation fee).

Psychology This course is a general survey of the field of psychology and its various branches. The goals of the course are two-fold: 1) to understand our own thoughts, feelings, and behaviors, and 2) to understand what types of careers are available in the field of psychology.



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