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Tryouts 2013

Location: Outfield of Baseball Field
Times: 3:00 - 5:15

Dates: Monday, August 26th through Friday, August 30th (Practice on Saturday the 31st for Varsity and JV players--please see the 2013 Newsletter for details concerning times, important WIAA eligibility concerns, and much more)

Special Notes:
  • Wear shinguards and other proper soccer attire.
  • Make sure Physical and Insurance Forms have been submitted to either the Coach or the Athletic Director.
  • Remember that players who do not have their forms in by the second day of tryouts will not be able to practice again until the forms are submitted.
  • Remember that players must have 10 practices in before they are eligible for the first game. If any of the first 10 practices are missed, players will not be able to play (WIAA RULE) in the season opener that is scheduled on the eleventh day of soccer.


In-Depth Tryouts Information

The following are important considerations concerning tryouts at Gonzaga Prep:

  • The word politics always seems to crop up during tryouts for sports teams when players don’t make the teams they want. Fortunately, at G-Prep, a player does not need to be a club player to be on Varsity or Junior Varsity.  We do not care what club you play for or if you even play for a club team. Although some of Prep’s best Varsity and Junior Varsity players have typically had significant high-level club experience, we have also had all-league and even all-state Varsity players who did not play club soccer.  Players are selected for our three teams based on performances at tryouts, not club affiliations.

  • At Prep, we truly take the strongest players for Varsity regardless of grade-level, what team they played for the previous year, etc.  We typically have about five coaches unanimously decide what will be best for the players, teams, and program.

  • On Varsity and Junior Varsity, sometimes we have redundancy in particular positions and may challenge players to play in new positions rather than drop down a level just so that they can play their preferred positions. Simply put, not everyone will get to play in her preferred position.

  • Our Junior Varsity has consistently been one of the top three teams in the city. Last year, the team was undefeated in league play. Our J.V. often has some players that would make Varsity at other schools with less talent than G-Prep, but that is one of the challenges of playing for a successful program. Some of our most successful Varsity players have spent two and even three years on Junior Varsity.

  • Sometimes we run across a freshman or sophomore who is talented enough to be a low-end Varsity player on our team, but if that player is not going to get much playing time, we may decide to have her play Junior Varsity in order to have more playing time and become better prepared for next season or even later in the same season.

  • Each year, we “wipe the slate clean.” All positions on all teams are “up for grabs.”  A returning Varsity or Junior Varsity player may not have improved enough in the off season to hold her spot, thus allowing another player to “leapfrog” her. This has happened many times at Gonzaga Prep. In fact, we have even had former Varsity players finish their careers as C-Squad players.

  • No decision is set in stone. If a player “comes on strong” during the season, an injury occurs, etc., players may have the opportunities to move up or down.


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