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Hall of Fame

Monday, January 22, 2018


*Nomination forms will be accepted through October 20.*
The purpose of the Gonzaga Preparatory School Hall of Fame is to serve as a means of maintaining the rich heritage and tradition of the Gonzaga Prep community. In addition, it will serve as a means of recognizing, preserving, and honoring the alumni, athletes, coaches, individuals, and teams that made significant contributions to the school and their community.

There are three categories under which a nominee may be considered for selection to the Hall of Fame:
  1. Athlete/Team/Coach - who distinguished themselves while at Gonzaga Prep.  Primary criteria should include athletic ability and contribution to his/her team.  This may include individual honors and records, team honors or legacy of excellence for a determined period of time.  Secondary criteria may include any post-Prep accomplishments, both collegiate and professional.  Can only be eligible for selection 10 yrs after graduation.
  2. Alumni/Individual - who has made significant contributions to the Gonzaga Prep community, or in the case of alumni, have distinguished themselves in their field after graduation from Gonzaga Prep.  Alumni can only be eligible for selection 10 yrs after graduation.
  3. Jesuit - who has made significant contributions to the Gonzaga Prep community, or in the case of an alumnae Jesuit, has distinguished themselves in the world.
All nominees must exemplify the highest standards of sportsmanship, ethical conduct, and Ignatian character.  Anyone (alumnus/alumnae, parent, current/former faculty/staff member, and/or friend of Prep) may submit a nomination.


1931 Football Team 1963 Football Team 1999 Wrestling Team
Don Anderson Joey August `34 Jim & Beth (Arnold) Brasch `76
Fr. Dick Case, S.J. Fr. Joseph Cataldo, S.J. Joanne Cipolla
Tim Cronin `70 Bing Crosby `20 Joseph Danelo, Sr.
Jack Delehanty `60 Tim Egan `73 Fr. Paul Fitterer, S.J.
Ray Flaherty `26 Thomas Foley `46 Bill Frazier
Ganz Brothers: Mark`79, Bill`77 & Rick`72 Steve Gleason `95 Fr. Robert Goebel, S.J.
Sam Grashio `36 Fr. Bill Hayes, S.J. Henry (Hank) Higgins `47
Fr. John Hurley, S.J. `32 Fr. Harry Jahn, S.J. Terry Kelly `76
Kurt Kromholtz `55 Donna Lenseigne Ron Long `65
Trish McGonigle `84 Marilyn McKenna Dan Murphy `58
John W. Murphy `30 Bro. John J. O’Brien, S.J. Lisa Oriard `84
Michael Oriard `66 Frank M. Rotando Paul Redmond `55
Mary Reilly Tait `88 Merton Rosauer Nicholas Scarpelli `42
Bill Shanks `54 Dick Sprague `49 John Stockton `80
Hon. Phil Thompson `52 Fr. Gordon Toner, S.J. John Traynor
Fr. Joe Weitensteiner `50 Tim Welsh `63 Fr. Victor Zehnder, S.J.