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Nazareth Guild

INCOMING FRESHMAN STUDENTS: The Nazareth Guild is an endowment sponsored by the Diocese of Spokane which supports and provides funding for Catholic schools in the Diocese.  Part of the funding for your Fair Share Tuition may come from a Tuition Assistance Grant from the Nazareth Guild. The Fair Share Tuition application will also be submitted to the Nazareth Guild for their consideration. If your student is awarded a tuition assistance grant from the Nazareth Guild, it will be transferred directly to Gonzaga Prep and will be used to fund the Fair Share Tuition support that is provided when you sign your tuition contract.  If you are not awarded a tuition assistance grant from the Nazareth Guild, your Fair Share support will be funded through other funds at Gonzaga Prep.
RETURNING STUDENTS:  If your student previously received a Tuition Assistance grant from the Nazareth Guild, you are asked to reapply for this funding each year.   Please submit one of the following applications to the Treasurer's Office by April 10, 2017:
1. If you have not had significant changes in your financial position since your last application, please complete this confirmation form.  Please mail your confirmation form to Gonzaga Prep Treasurer's Office, 1224 E Euclid, Spokane, WA 99207; or email finance@gprep.com, or fax 509-777-8128.
2. If your financial position has changed since your last application (e.g. new job, loss of a job, change in self employment or other circumstances), please complete a new Nazareth Guild Tuition Assistance Application.   Bring the completed form, along with your 2016 federal tax return to the Gonzaga Prep Treasurer's Office in Hurley Hall.  You do not need a specific appointment time.  The Treasurer's Office is open from 7:30 am to 4 pm on school days.   Please respond by April 10, 2017.