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Find Your Place!

Gonzaga Prep's Annual Spirit Week
February 3 - February 9
Gonzaga Prep students are competing in our annual Spirit Week to determine which class has the most school spirit! This year's theme is Nintendo: 
Seniors: Sonic the Hedgehog   |   Juniors: Mario
Sophomores: Pikachu   |   Freshman: Yoshi
Spirit Points are given out through dress-up days, activities during lunch and the pep con.
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From August Corppetts, Cheerleader and ASB Representative, class of 2017: 

Going into my freshman year at Gonzaga Prep I didn't know a single person, and I thought high school was going to be a really terrifying experience. Gonzaga Prep is a very special place and to my surprise I have been completely accepted for exactly who I am. I am extremely thankful to attend Gonzaga Prep because of the friendships I have made and everything I have learned here. The feeling of accomplishment and belonging in the Gonzaga Prep community greatly influenced my school spirit and involvement. My Sophomore year I ran for a position on ASB and I had an amazing time planning dances and other school events like spirit week. Being on ASB and leadership taught me about service learning and how to have immense spirit and pride for my school.


This year I joined the Cheerleading squad and got elected into the ASB office again. These two leadership positions have truly helped me grow at Gonzaga Prep by teaching me how to be a team player, how to communicate with others, and how to exhibit school pride. I can honestly say that I found my place through these activities, and especially through helping others. From cheering on our Football champs to planning school events, I am extremely grateful for the experiences I have had and the people I have met because they have taught me how to be an Ignatian leader and put God at the center of everything I do.


Gonzaga Prep has challenged me to go outside of the classroom and get involved in our Spokane community. The biggest lesson I have learned from my time here is how to be a person for others. I volunteer at the Arc of Spokane and at Riverview Retirement Community. My extreme passion for school spirit and involvement stems from the support of the Gonzaga Prep community, which gives me the power to accomplish all of my goals and ambitions. I am proud to represent Gonzaga Prep because of the amazing spirit and community in our school. I have grown spiritually and academically here. I can whole-heartedly say I have found my place, and have became comfortable with who I am because of Gonzaga Prep.


Not only did Gonzaga Prep find success in our fall sports, but did you know Gonzaga Prep offers over 57 athletic teams in 20 different sports? 85% of our student body participates in a sport! Click here to learn more about the mission of Gonzaga Prep athletics from our Athletic Director, Paul Manfred.
From Mason Plese, ASB President and running back for the 2015-2106 Football Team: 
When I decided to attend Gonzaga Prep, I was not sure what classes or extracurricular activities I would participate in here, but as school drew near I decided to join the Football team. It was one of the best decisions I have ever made. Before football began I was nervous, but upon its start I quickly realized how many other kids were nervous too.  We were all nervous to start a new chapter of our lives, nervous to meet new people, and nervous that we might not fit in. These individuals I met during football became my friends and we went into the new school year together.

Three years later I feel even more strongly about the Football Program and the school itself.  I genuinely found my place here at Prep in this program. Everyone at Prep was incredibly supportive throughout our latest season. From the first game to the last, I felt the whole community behind us. It was especially amazing to witness gigantic masses of people drive across the state to Tacoma to support the program in the 4A Championship.  

Gonzaga Prep helped me find my place not only in football, but in academics and leadership as well.  Everyone here challenges you to be the best person you can be and I have been very fortunate to be a part of such a beautiful community. Teachers care for each student and strive to prepare them for all future endeavors.  These teachers create an educational environment that I have felt comfortable in all throughout my high school experience and I feel that I have found a place within the academics here.