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Student Fundraiser

The Student Fundraiser (SFR) is a student-led campaign with two main goals:
  • Actively involve the entire student-body in supporting Prep, aiming for full student participation (100%)
  • Raise $85,000 to support Fair Share

How do we do it?

  • Each student is asked to compose a paragraph about their experience at Prep and provide ten names and addresses. The student's paragraph will be merged into a letter written by the Development office. Letters can be sent to anyone the student actually knows (friends, relatives, past and present coaches, dentist, etc…).
  • Students can also opt to collect $100 in place of letters
  • Note for families with more than one student attending Gonzaga Prep: each family is asked to write a combined total of 15 letters or collect a total of $100 per student.
  • Students submit their paragraph and addresses via gprep.com and the Development Office prints and mails all the letters. Click here to see a sample letter.
  • Family pets, other Prep students, celebrities, people or businesses not known to the student will not be accepted and may have disciplinary consequences.
  • Each 1st period class works as a team – complete letters online or submit money to 1st period teachers.

Why do we do it?

  • To keep Gonzaga Prep accessible and affordable to as many students as possible.
  • To provide funds for Fair Share that helps 6 in 10 Prep students.
  • The date has been moved to the fall to complement and coordinate with the "6 in 10 Financial Aid Luncheon"
  • Tradition – in the past there has been some type of student fundraising effort.
  • Our participation builds a strong foundation, supports our current students, and shows our gratitude.

When is it?

  • Two weeks during the month of October, students participate and work as a team with their 1st period class to earn individual and class participation points and incentives.
  • Just prior to Spirit Week, students can earn points measured on Class participation.

Will Prep ask the people to whom I write letters for more money in the future?

  • If a person only wants to give to the SFR, they will not be asked to give to other Prep fundraisers.

Are there other alternatives to asking relative or friends for more money?

  • Students can earn the money from parents, friends or relatives. If they have a part-time job, they could contribute a portion of the $100.

Our child attends a private school. Why should we ask our public school friends for support when it is our choice to attend Gonzaga Prep?

  • For years, a portion of your tax dollars have funded your public school friends and their children's education. Catholic education will always depend on the generosity of many people, not just those who attend our school.

Will donors receive an acknowledgement for their gift?

  • The President acknowledges all gifts to the school in the Annual Report
  • The Development Office sends individual thank you letters with the school's Tax ID number to each donor. In June, we will provide a list of people who made a gift in response to your letters. It is our hope that these donors will receive a thank you note from you as well.

Questions? Please contact Wendy Griffin, wgriffin@gprep.com or 509.489.6302.

Prize Winners

Abby Welsh`19

Katie Joy`17

Anastasiya Pyankova`18

Taylor Kelly`19

Jacub Hughes`20
Hailee Foster`19

Gracie Cunneely`18

Parents & Guardians

If you would like to have your student(s) OPT-IN for the
Student Fundraiser, you may use
to donate $100 or more per student. This will allow them to still be counted as participating. Please list your student(s) on the form so they will receive participation credit.
Gonzaga Prep Students
You will begin writing your paragraph during your Community Period on Wednesday, February 1. After you complete your paragraph, you will submit your it using a Google Form that will be emailed to you. 

All paragraphs will be proofed by volunteer parents and approved by the Deans of Students.