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Volunteer Program

Welcome, Parents!
Volunteering is a long-standing tradition at Gonzaga Prep. Participation in the Volunteer Program allows all families to be involved in the life of the school.  It also helps offset the costs of things that would otherwise come out of our budget. Thousands of dollars are saved every year by the work our volunteers do at Gonzaga Prep.  The Volunteer Office provides a variety of opportunities.
Regardless of your tuition commitment, all families are asked to complete volunteer hours every year.  You will receive email blast requests, and we ask that you regularly visit the link below to see volunteer opportunities. Please take a few moments to read the program guidelines below.
Thank you!
  • Volunteer program is for enrolled students only.
  • Hours for the school year are accumulated July 1-June 30 (Prep's fiscal year).
  • Families with one student enrolled are expected to complete 20 volunteer hours each academic year.
  • Families with two or more students enrolled are expected to complete 30 volunteer hours each academic year.
  • Hours must be submitted BEFORE July 1.
  • Please submit hours after volunteering is completed.
  • Submitted hours must come from a Gonzaga Prep event - any volunteering done that does not effect Gonzaga Prep does not count.
  • Volunteering for Ancilla, Knights of the Leash, Food Drive collecting, or what is required as part of a team/club/activity does not count toward the Family Commitment.
  • Student work done during a JUG does not count toward the Family Commitment.
  • Extra hours do not flow over to the following year.
  • Late night/clean up crews get double hours.
  • It is up to the family to submit the hours.
  • Gift card donations must be a minimum of $10; you'll get 1 volunteer hour for every $10 denomination.
  • Food donations:  Everything store bought = 1 hr for every $10.; HOMEMADE baked good = 1 hr for every 2 dozen
  • If signing up for multiple volunteers, please list each person in the "First Name" box.
  • If you have more than one child enrolled, please list all of their names in the "First Name" box on the hours submission form.
  • Students are not allowed to volunteer with their parents at 21 and older events, unless otherwise stated.

Please contact Betsy Frazier with any volunteering questions.



TO CHECK YOUR FAMILY'S HOURS: Log on to your family's Skyward Account, click on "Student Info" and look for "Community Service".  Those are your volunteer hours.  Remember that once you submit your volunteer hours, the form goes to Adriana Berndt to log them into Skyward - that is why your hours don't update right away.
Completed Family Hours for 2017-2018 
Carlson ~ Davidson ~ Deadmarsh ~ Drynan ~ Keno ~ Laiminger ~ LaLone ~ McGregor ~ McFarland-O'Keefe ~ Pinney ~ Pinnock ~ Scelfo ~ Welsh ~ Wheat ~ Wright ~ Zemke ~ Zwyer