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Ignatian Service Award

The Ignatian Service Award recognizes a Gonzaga Preparatory student who has served her or his community in a significant and/or meaningful way. Recipients of this award show their commitment to Christian service in both large and small ways, perhaps by committing themselves to grand gestures or projects, but also in small, thoughtful acts of accompaniment or kindness. Awards are announced monthly. 
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Ignatian Service Award - G-Prep Student nominatedPresented to: Amber Wagner

Nominated by: Neil Kempen

Date: February 1, 2016


Has been very involved with the Pop Warner program. Has spent over 300 hours working with the cheerleaders.   Coached them. Managed them.  

Volunteered to help coordinate the Blood Drive and the Food Drive.

Volunteered as a referee and scorekeeper at Hoopfest

Volunteered at the House of Charity.

Has been a volunteer with the Diocese of Spokane

Diocesan basketball program volunteer.  


Quote by Nominator:

I have been quite impressed by Amber’s willingness to volunteer for the community.  Earlier this year when I needed help with the Food Drive and the Blood Drive she stepped forward without hesitation.  She will do wonderful things for the Spokane Community.  


Ignatian Service Award - G-Prep Student nominatedPresented to: Rob Jarrard 

Nominated by: Fr. Lankenau

Date: January 11, 2016


Rob has been a faithful volunteer at the Martin Luther King Center.

Collected a thousand pounds of food for Fr. Lankenau’s homeroom during this year’s drive. Did similarly well the past three years.

Completed over 200 hours of volunteerism and received a G-Prep letter for Community Service.

Volunteering at Longfellow Elem.

Involved in Prep sports. Has been on the cross country team, in track and has wrestled. Has received multiple school letters.

Will speak to the students at the Martin L. King Center about Prep’s Fair Share program.

Has been in ASB.

Has held paying jobs as a life guard and as a landscaper.

Plans to enter the Marine Corps.


Quote by Nominator

“Robert collected during the power outage nearly 1000 pounds of food. Moreover, Robert also played a key role for the class in its efficient organization and seamless distribution of the food. I comment Robert for his perseverance in the middle of a difficult situation, his creativity in soliciting donations, and his desire to serve without seeking personal recognition.“


Ignatian Service Award - G-Prep Student nominatedPresented to: Kristiana Kershaw

Nominated by: Neil Kempen

Date: December 14, 2015


Has been a member of the teen board at the Ronald McDonald House since June, 2014.

Volunteers three hours a week at the Vanessa Behan Crisis Nursery. Has done so for the past year and a half.

Volunteers at All Saints as the Choir Assistant. Helps with their retreats and concerts. Has also helped on Prep’s retreat program.

Has received the Chase Youth Award.

Was selected Gonzaga Prep’s Lilac Candidate. Was chosen to be one of 14 city-wide candidates known as the Fab 14.

Member of Adelphia. Member of Jazz Choir. Jazz team was WIAA Academic State Champion.

Cast member of Urinetown the Musical. Varsity dance team (Freshman year). Cheerleader (Two years.) Nordstrom/Brass Plum Teen Board.


Quote by Nominator:

I have a deep respect for students who volunteer at the Vanessa Behan Crisis Nursery. By serving in this capacity Kristiana has worked with children who are in the midst of a family emergency. Furthermore, as a member of the Ronald McDonald Teen Board, Kristiana has been exposed to many children who are undergoing difficult challenges. I am deeply impressed by Kristiana’s desire to give back to the Spokane community.


Ignatian Service Award - G-Prep Student nominatedPresented to: Nicole Lewis

Nominated by: Neil Kempen

Date: November 23, 2015


Nicole is the president of Ancilla and one of their most active members.

Has been very involved with the Blood Drive. In last November’s drive she solicited the most donors of any member of the current Knights or Ancilla.

Very involved with the food drive.

Has frequently visited the elderly at Cathedral Plaza.

For several years Nicole has helped with Audubon Park’s Halloween Party.

Has played soccer for ten years and was the team captain of her club team. Also has played basketball and participated in cross country.

Sophomore Ambassador. Campus Ministry volunteer.

Math team. As a freshman she was a member of the Math Team.

Green Team  

Helped at Bible Camp


Quote by Nominator:

I have always admired Nicole for her cheerful attitude and her willingness to help those in need.  She is a humble person who inspires many. 


Ignatian Service Award - G-Prep Student nominatedPresented to: Whitney Russell

Nominated by: Neil Kempen

Date: November 2, 2015


Whitney has been a faithful volunteer at the Vanessa Behan Crisis Nursery for the past year. She went through their orientation and volunteers three hours a week. When she turns 18 she hopes to become a houseparent.

Helps with fundraising and other drives for the Vanessa Behan Center

Volunteer for Catholic Charities at the House of Charity

Humane Society. Volunteers once or twice a month

Pup Cake group. Helps with charity fundraising.

Member of National Honor Society. In middle school received the President’s Award twice

Volleyball. Softball.    

Has done well in previous food drives


Quote by Nominator:

I was impressed last year when I heard that Whitney went through the training program at the Vanessa Behan Crisis Nursery and became a weekly volunteer. It is a lot of work to just be accepted as a volunteer.   Whitney is quite dedicated in her quest to improve the lives of children from the most vulnerable of families.  


Ignatian Service Award - G-Prep Student nominatedPresented to: Eli Waxman

Nominated by: Yan Lazovsky

Date: October 19, 2015


Eli is a co-president of the Knights of the Leash and one of the most active members.

Was a Prep Ambassador

GLADD sounding member

Coached a Valley football team

Has helped at Catholic Charities

Meals on Wheels

Fundraisers for various non-profit organizations

Track, Football


Quote by Nominator:

If there is a person in my class that I admire for their service it’s Eli Waxman. Seriously, someone should give him an award already. He is a very prominent representative of our school when it comes to the blood drive. I’ve been food-driving with him and he will go well out of his comfort zone. He’s been outstanding for others for the past couple of years and is happy to place someone else’s need above his own. “A well-rounded G-Prep student” as someone once put it.


Ignatian Service Award - G-Prep Student nominatedPresented to: Allison Welch

Nominated by: Neil Kempen

Date: October 1, 2015


For two summers Allison helped at a Vacation Bible Camp at Assumption Parish.

Food Drive Committee

Officer of Ancilla and second year member. Adelphia.

National Honor Society. Presidential Academic Excellence Award (Three Years). Several musical awards. GPA – 3.93.

Recipient of the Lantry Sherman Award as well as the Nicholas Jabara Leadership Award.


Varsity golf

Drama (Supporting member in a play.)

Liturgy Club

Hoopfest Monitor


Quote by Nominator:

Gonzaga Prep strives to graduate students who are well rounded. Allison is the epitome of such a person. She is involved in many different aspects of the school and has made great use of her time and talent. She is a reliable, dependable, involved person with a wonderful personality.  


Ignatian Service Award - G-Prep Student nominatedPresented to: Vince Frazier

Nominated by: Neil Kempen

Date: September 16, 2015


Vince has been the most active Knight in his entire class. He represented Gonzaga Prep well in a number of events.  

Co- President of the Knights

Outside of the Knights events he has delivered meals to shut-ins on the Meals on Wheels program.

Holy Family Adult Daycare

Helped at Nazareth Guild

ASB, Cross Country, Track and Field

Boys Scouts of America


Quote by Nominator:

Vince has been an invaluable member of the Knights of the Leash. He has volunteered in a multitude of places and events. Without him the Knights would have had to say “No” to some of our events last year. You can be proud that Gonzaga Prep has been represented by Vince.